Up For A Giggle ?


Then try some Legolas Fan Fiction!   I found this link on a messboard for a silly arse story about Legolas finding a little baby in the woods.   The grammar is horrendous.   Stick with it, though.


For a Good Time, Click HERE.


32 thoughts on “Up For A Giggle ?

  1. Anna Domini

    HAhhaha! Yes, Cait, that’s all sorts of sad… did u write it? Are you Laura? Jajajaja.

    * Ooh, thanks for the link!

    – Wanda all I can see in his face is that he loves me dearly.


  2. Kelly

    Anners and Wanders, your boyfriend does seem to be having a rough time of it right now. That’s awful how the BAFTAs did a close up for a reaction to the Heath tribute. Is he working on any new movies?


  3. joders

    What’s even worse girls, is that Whorelando has been mugging around London with that tart MirandHo. Canoodling. Can you believe it? I’m so depressed.


  4. Cait

    Take heart, Joders. I’m sure Orlando will always prefer you, Anners, Wanda and myself to that tart any day! It is four to one, after all. ;)

    Anners, you’ve discovered my secret identity! I am Laura! Or as I like to say, ‘leik omehgawd i’m leik teh koolest and bestest wryter eva!’. :P


  5. joders

    We could always kidnap her Cait. We didn’t get to put that rope and duct tape to good use for the Orly intervention, so maybe we can bundle her up and whisk her away.

    I’ve got black jeans and a black turtleneck (in storage coz it’s supposed to be summer time here) and I’d look totally hot as a cat burglar.

    Are you in? (Orly will probably need consoling when MirandHo disappears.)


  6. jane121

    David Jones shares are falling thru the floor – I’m blaming Kerr

    Poor Sienners had to wipe a tear away at the BAFTAs but she had that hot boyfriend of hers to cheer her up – poor Sienners.


  7. Anna Domini

    Back the hell up! What? He’s snuggling up to that dingo bytch?(jajajjaja)

    What the ephing hell is wrong with him? Doensn’t he know he’s breaking my heart?! That’s the second broken heart I’ll be nursing this week. Yessireebob!

    My real life boyfriend and i have called it quits. :(

    Shit, my liphe bloody well sux!!!!

    * Cait: Hahahahaha! gniklaT sdrawkcab si !looc

    * Joders, you Cait and Wanders can grab her and do whatever you deem necessary. I’ll console Orlando.

    * Kelly: Um, no. His last project was a car commercial in Asia if that puts things in perspective.


  8. jane121

    OMG I just read that story – it was way too hilarious and disturbing. What type of sick freak is out there? This kid needs to be institutionalised.


  9. joders

    Do I say the obvious line here (well to me anyway)?

    “A dingo took my baby!” Thank you to Lindy Chamberlain and all those fine actresses who have portrayed her over the years.

    And Anners, um NO! If you think that I’m parading around in black turtleneck, black skinny jeans and my black stilleto ankle boots just to kidnap the dingo, you’re very sadly mistaken.

    Because I’m your friend and you’re heartbroken, I’ll let you have first dibs. But I’m not wearing my come phuck me boots just because they make me look good.


  10. Anna Domini

    * Ha! That dingHo did take my baby! Oh, I’m gonna use that one for a post title one of these days…

    And, uh, Jodie you would totes be wearing those boots just because they make you look good. HeHe.

    * Janers that story is wack daddy hilarious! Hee Hee.


  11. jane121

    It was also disturbing – a 10 year old got raped and then started dating her brother! The author has got some serious issues.

    MirandHo is not a Dingo. One of my doglets looks like a mini dingo and he’s adorable.


  12. joders

    The author doesn’t appear to be very old nor does it appear that English is her first language. Who knows where or how she learned what little she does know. Maybe she thinks this sort of stuff is normal? Maybe it is normal in her culture?

    The added commentary is what makes it funny. Without it, the story is just a waffling, rambling mess of words from a (probably) pre teen girl.

    And Janers, just because we’re calling MirandHo a dingo, doesn’t mean I think that your doglet isn’t adorable. I love dawgs. And I know you love yours.


  13. jane121

    I’m just saying by calling her a dingo ur calling her cute.

    I don’t know of any cultures where it’s normal for 10 years olds to date their brothers but whatevs

    and why type of kid writes stories about the raping and beating children? – One in need of help from a professional.


  14. joders

    Maybe some weird religious cult like Children of God? Yeah, you’re right, it’s not normal. Let’s just hope for this kids sake that she’s only heard about it, not experienced it. What a god awful thought.

    I do actually think that MirandHo is cute. She’s got a cute smile and cute dimples. But she needs to be cutesy somewhere else!


  15. Did anyone catch the part where Legolas said “they did the same thing to me?” Ugh.

    I have several black turtlenecks and I’m ready to kick some dingo ass. I am so not sharing him with anyone else, there’s too many of us already.



  16. Sorry to hear about the BF Anners. I left a comment somewhere the other day but I think it got lost. I was saying that after Orly answers my letters (which will be any minute not) and after he gives me the best 36 minutes of my life I’ll pass your phone number along. So you see, you have something to look forward to.


  17. * Ja! Wanda said dingo ass! The best 36 minutes or 3-6 minutes? Let’s be real here.

    * No Daners, me no likey your mentally chawenged fan fwiction! BUt you get an ‘A’ for ephort! And what the hell is “colth” and “whapped” ?


  18. danerslarue

    Those are all perfectly cromulent words.

    Where’s Rikers? My Simpsons quotes are useless without her. I don’t know why, but they just are


  19. Anners

    * Daners, Rikers is over in Berlin, being a proper journalist! Yeah, u 2 lose me on the Simpson words.

    * Wanda, bubbles were born to be bursted.


  20. danerslarue

    Wanders, I think I love you even more right now. I can throw Simpsons quotes with the best of them. I put in a Simpsons DVD every day before I go to bed. I heart Lisa S so much!

    Ha, a telegram!


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