Bitter Break-Up Post No. 2


This picture used to be bigger.  I cropped meself out of it, since my boyfriend has humiliated me by publicly carousing with a female dingo in London.  Yes, Miranda Kerr is a GD dingo.




14 thoughts on “Bitter Break-Up Post No. 2

  1. Cait

    There, there, Anners. We’re all struggling with this right now. The important thing is to remember that you are not alone. Wanda, Joders and I are shouldering the burden too. Lean on us!



  2. SadieJo

    Your ex has flirty nipples. The left one is staring right at me, and it’s definitely…….perky.

    Don’t get over, get even.


  3. Anners

    But you guys… he has a ring on his *gasp* wedding finger….

    Dear God, please make it so that baby did not marry the dingo bytch! Plz?!

    * SadieJo: Stop peeping my ex-boyf’s nips!


  4. joders

    Anners, what pic are you looking at that shows this ring on his *gasp* wedding finger? If it’s the pic from a few posts back where he’s walking along the street with his arm around the dingHo’s shoulders, is that not his right arm he has around her? Do you not wear a wedding ring on your left hand?

    If there is another pic that I’m not aware of, you’d best direct me to it.

    Can someone get some smelling salts for Caiter? Poor love has had quite a shock. She might need a damp cloth applied to her forehead and a good stiff drink.


  5. Don’t worry ladies. I checked the picture and I checked my finger. The wedding ring is indeed on the left hand and his ring is on the right one.

    Stop trying to cause a panic Anners.

    Cait, wake up. Have you called his people yet?


  6. Kelly

    Love your avie Anners! Thankfully I got over my crush on Whorely – I can see he causes his gf’s nothing but pain wif his little dingos and whatnot! I’m close to being over Banksy, what shall I do?


  7. Cait

    Anners! You got me all fermisht for nothing!

    Joders, you’re very right. A good stiff drink would do wonders for me right now.

    And Wanda, the hunt is on! Though no one yet has taken my call… I suspect that the dingHo is behind this. She’s afraid, I tell you, *afraid* that we’re are getting too close to finding him. I don’t know how she could be involved in keeping Orlando’s people from speaking to me, but I just know she is!


  8. Anners Scribonia

    * I added the peekture…

    * Kelly, I really hope that I do not turn into you. I mean what will I DO without my banksy/bloom crushes? Thank you for loving my Avvie. Cola used to love my avvie, too. hahaha.

    * It’s okay, bloomsies. I know how to trap dingos.


  9. joders

    I’m still not alarmed girls. I already have the answer.

    It’s the same ring as in the first pic, but when the press released the 2nd pic, it was reversed. It often happens with press pictures – even digital pics.

    And the Aussie girl might have some ideas on trapping a wild Australian animal.


  10. Anners Scribonia

    Don’t forget FUG! “… a wild, FUG Australian animal.”

    Joders, u just made my night! I don’t have to kill myself, now! :)

    Luvers ya.


  11. joders

    Right back at ya, kiddo!

    (I’m extraordinarily pleased you don’t have to kill yourself now. I’d rather participate in the cull of a wild, fug Australian dingo than your wake – and I know you’re joking!)


  12. jane121

    I’m in a depressed mood.

    I feel bad for Miranda even tho she rich and beautiful. When she was in highschool her boyfriend died and then later on another boyfriend got charged for fraud (I think he had screwed her over finance wise too). I actually hope Whorlando is a decent guy.

    P.S. Like my new avie?


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