Sorry Daners

Your celeb crush makes Banksy seem shaggable.

I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself.


10 thoughts on “Sorry Daners

  1. Daners Isadora

    SHUT UP! Can’t you see I’m in the middle of a nervous breakdown with all my husbands cheating on me and Russell getting all Marlon Brando on me? I thought we were phriends!!!!!


  2. Daners Isadora

    BTW, don’t I look cute? He bought me cococa! He’s such a sweetie.

    “(ok, I know it’s not me, leave me alone. I’m going to my happy place)


  3. Cait

    I think he carries a bit of extra weight nicely, but then again I like men with a bit of padding on them (contrary to my constant perving over Orlando). But the hair? Good Lord, I wasn’t aware that the pageboy look was in for men!


  4. Daners Isadora

    The hair. The hair must be cut! I like Rusty with a little chuck, but he’s looking pretty rough here. What he neds is a nice relaxing weekend with me in Cabo San Lucas, or something


  5. Ugg

    isn’t he always kinda “i don’t care what i look like” unless he is making a movie?? haha. i bet he will be back in shape in no time!!!!!!


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