I <3 La Maleditaa


I am no longer without access to the IMB!   W00t!  So awesome.  I actually use the forum as a quarry for La Maleditaa’s posts and also for pics.   You guys at the IMB are awesome with pics, by the way.

Anyway, I found some La Maleditaa gold!  There was some discussion about Cola having split ends and dried out hair.  I’m  just using La Maleditaa’s comments about the subject because she’s cool beans and doesn’t mind.

  1. where did published????
    if did…
    tension , that´s what i´m seeing!!look at his mouth!!!
    yes big eyes, beautifull at all, moles ..moles..neck…..*coughs*
    he is filling with a lot of incredible skills,isn´t he? wub.gif
    this is not fair , almost cruel!! sad.gif
  2. . . .  but his hair isn´t fragile as today.
    (do never cut fat food of your meals!if you want to lost your weight fastly than of your possibilities, be careful or you hair will want revenge!enumerous factors must be envolved , but exist logical attitudes).
    it dissuades you to look for other points.turning his face less oval as usual!
    off course strikes your mind an irresistible impulse to check how the texture is !!!
    envy my fine hair!!!!!
    it sounds pathetic, isn´t it? but the magic at all living in small details.
    i bet how many people here tried to imagine Banks without moles . not because you would like to see him without this “beauty cultural patrimony”, but just to figure out how could be!
    imperfections must be the most incredible perfection!!!
    Banks hasn´t same size of eyes .the good on it might be the reason why sometimes , when you are visualizing his photos ( i don´t know how he is on live), the feelings certain are :
    – wow!!!! is he contracting his eyes to me???
    (clearly: is he flerting wth me wink.gif )
    just a simple eye effects!!!!cool.gif

    well we could appoint another angles , discuss a lot of things , but that´s enough for you guys to read my “text”( long as an heritage), isn´t it??

  3. CHANGE , …  PUT THAT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!O/O/O/

    Banks..can he imagine how deeply people go to talk about him??
    cruel beauty , cruel charm, intelligence = a bomb!!!!!



^ Cola Gorda’s in In Style Magazine.  Gag me with a GD spoon!  Whoever posted this prob just got banned.   Hope not!


Random, preppy  Le Tigre shot of Cola.   He has big ass hands.


112 thoughts on “I <3 La Maleditaa

  1. Ugg

    “i bet how many people here tried to imagine Banks without moles” <– :D:D:D:D LOL
    “Banks hasn´t same size of eye” HAHAHAHH brill

    AHHHHH! THE PHOTO. STYLE MAGAZINE. OMG. it doesn’t look like he was suppose to be in that photo tho. hahhaa. but where are they? AT A BALL? wtf. i see cougar behind meredith. gaad. this is crazy. kinda.


  2. Morgan

    WHOA! Banks made it to In Style magazine! I never thought I’d see the day. Gag me with a fucking spoon is right! I am over the fact that he is into dating supermodels now. Cougar’s hot…who wouldn’t date her!?! What I can’t get over, however, is the fact that he is at fashion shows & now in fashion magazines. Sorry, but it’s too weird for me, and it’s making me like him less. Sometimes I wish he would go back to being a chubby drunk.


  3. D. Solracky

    Banks looks really cute in than Style magazine picture. Good to see he is going to Balls and such.

    Uh, Ellen Pompeo…The Big Bad Cougar is right behind you! :)


  4. tamuchi

    The fangirl in me will have to check out In Style (and point him out to the peeps at work). In the background AND uncredited…not sure if that’s a spoon gag or just plain harsh.

    “imperfections must be the most incredible perfection!!!” Truer words were never written!


  5. stella

    gag me with a spoon. i think i am officially over this whole relationship thing with helena christensen. erg. stop it!! my brain hurts!
    a little piece of my heart just broke off and sank into the acidy stomach fluids of my bowels…


  6. magnolia711

    Is it me or does it sound like maleditaa writes in a foreign language which she then sends through one of those free online translation sites?


  7. sara

    oh, this is weird. I’m getting tired of being an interpol stalker! Seeing their faces every day is just getting on my nerves these days…

    I need to detox for reals! Is anyone else getting sick of seeing their faces all of the time…? Or am I the only freak of nature?


  8. D. Solrac

    I love the noises that girl is making as she is stalking Paul at the airport. That’s gonna be Ugg soon!!!
    I dare you to make crazy noises while you are stalking him.


  9. D. Solrac

    Sara – soon this OLTA tour thing is gonna be over, and we will not be seeing them for a long time…so don’t worry!!! But, take a detox if you need it!


  10. sara

    Crap. You’re right D. Solrac! Thanks for putting it into perspective for me. It’ll be sorta’ sad when they disappear again…


  11. Ugg

    you are right, solrac :( soon they will be gone, and we will only see paul in fashion magazines. it’s a good thing i have other crushes to fall back on, hahah:D
    ANNERS. can you do a shag or gag about DIEGO LUNA<<33<3<3333<<3<33<33<3<3<<3<3


  12. stella

    sara* you are the only freak:P jk

    that airport video was hilarious. they just stroll thru and u can probably imagine the people in the airport are like, “these fucking freaks…”


  13. Lala

    I never thought that i see Paul Cola Gorda Banks in a fashion show or in a fashion magazine WTF that seems unnatural.

    Yes anners please do a Shag or gag of Diego Luna and Gael García! or what about one of Jim Sturgess mmmm.


  14. Anners Scribonia

    ^ hahaha! at the airport stuff.

    * Sara, I’m with you on this. Trust me.

    * Hi Konst!

    * Stella, dramatic much? :)


  15. Michelle

    Hi! love your blog! love paul! don’t love the whole fashion magazine thing though..hopefully he will tire of this whole stupid shallow hollywood business..i worry that it will negatively effect their music in the future..


  16. Michelle

    oh and by the way he is my only freakin celebrity crush..so how am i supposed to get my paul fix when they finish their tour???


  17. Kelly

    Triple dare you, Ugg!

    I agree w/Morgan and Lala, wtf? Banksy used to be so cool and edgy, now he’s in IN STYLE with tv doctors. Boo.


  18. D. Solrac

    Yes, I agree with Ugg – he should spend all of his time alone at home, sitting in a closet, smoking cigarettes and listening to hip-hop.


  19. Morgan

    I don’t think he should stay home, but my God….fashion shows…where you are just asking to have your picture taken. There are lots of other places he could hang with The Cougar. I thought he was all about privacy. Yeah, whatevs.


  20. sara

    ^Oooooh-I have an idea. Let’s think of names for Paul & the Cougar’s first born. The name would have to be relatively obscure & symbolic.

    I like:

    Xanthe Eclipse
    Parsifal Range
    Napier Current



  21. Bahaha! I found that Instyle article! I didn’t post it on IMB but I posted it on Banksy’s LJ comm. That’s the present I was talking about. This one is from someone else who’s scanner wasn’t being a prick though. lolz

    Yay for college computers! My first comment in like 231230934 years!


  22. Jossie

    maybe he is:
    a)doing some research about the 40’s crisis and that’s why he is hanging out with her,he wants to be prepared.
    b)he is hanging out with cougar’s son.
    c)Thinks it’s the 90’s.
    And well who knows why he does these things,I mean,it’s Paul.


  23. sara

    Ahahahaaaa…that was funny, kick. Do you dislike Paul or something? ;)

    And thank you for laughing, me!

    Geez Louise. It must suck to be famous, I swear. I mean, the guy can’t even go to a fashion show w/ his lady friend w/o it flipping people out. I understand that it’s sorta’ strange…but…oh, I don’t care…


  24. Kick

    ^^^Jossie, I love your comment!

    Sara, I have a love/hate thing for Cola. It was more love pre-Cougar. Especially hearing him drone on in interviews on the importance of privacy. He can date someone famous/nonfamous/whoever but going to fashion shows/parties/celeb events after boring us with his need to be alone seems cheesy as hell. :)


  25. Kelly

    Kick, for realz. I guess he doesn’t mind crowds of rich and fabulous celebrities. He only dislikes crowds of us normal folks.


  26. stella

    sometimes it boggles my mind how many comments are garnered after just one banksy posts.
    we aRE all clinically insane you realize ladies…hahhaa
    they should name what we have as:
    The Banksy Syndrome
    i’m coining the term now


  27. Anners Scribonia

    ^ Damn that’s a lot of commentos!

    * Hi Clever Intuiton: You got in! W00t!

    * The Banksy Syndrome… BS!! Jajjajajaja, brill! :)


  28. Jossie

    *see, i hate my typos.
    there is a funny radio interview on the board,carlos complains about not having room service, and paul about people calling him to his hotel room.


  29. D. Solrac

    Jossie – do you think that seeing him play live is gonna help you get over him??? I think not…it’s gonna make it worse. haha! trust me.


  30. Kelly

    I liked him much more pre-Cougar too. I was crushing on the guy who wrote the butterfly essay and TOTBL, not the celeb phony he seems to be turning into. It’s funny – now I think he sounds like a goat in No I in 3some!


  31. sara

    You know, I think I’m done w/ reading “celebrity” gossip. I haven’t yet gotten to the point where discussing Paulito’s personal life has affected my opinion of his artistic abilities…but, I’m afraid it’s gonna’ go in that direction pretty quickly. I really love Interpol’s music waaaaay too much to let that happen. Yeah, I’m going “cold turkey”–I can’t just ignore the Interpol posts on here (because my will power sucks) so I’m going to just stay away from this FANTASTICALLY FUNNNNNNY blog for a while. Oh, I’m so sad! But it has to be done.

    **mole patrol forevahhhh** hahahaaa..


  32. The Banksy Syndrome!!!!

    this is too fuckin goood!! yeah ‘m totally with the BS. tho why that old granny christensen is changing paul soo much!?!?! she’s too fuckin crazy, i mean yeah it could be ok if paul would like to ,i dont know, have his own line of clothes , lets face it the guy knows how to dress well..but what the fuck? FASHION SHOWS?!!??! interwies!?!?! A-LIST PARTY”?!?!?!? gross


  33. “Or when a woman tries to
    manipulate me. I don’t have a lot of patience with that.”

    has he even read his own interview?!?!!
    dude ,granny is doing that to you.


  34. michelle

    well come on think about it..paul is a man..men like hot women…men who have access to hot women will date hot women..even if that means going to cheesy balls and fashion shows..men will do anything for a fine piece of a$$..biology conquers all can you really blame him? ahaha

    as long as hes not dating lindsay lohan and on the cover of US weekly hes ok in my book


  35. sara

    Awww, Kick, I’m gonna’ miss you too. And everyone else!!! Everyone that comments on here is awesome–and Anna & Jane are awesome, too.

    I’ll give myself a week or two of detox…and then I’ll be back to say hello to everyone! :)


  36. D. Solrac

    Michelle – I think you hit the nail on the head! Yeah – It’s not like he is dating Paris Hilton. At least The Cougar has taste and she seems like she could be interesting.


  37. Morgan

    Solrac – Yeah, I have a feeling The Cougar is very interesting! Paul Banks is no idiot so why would he date one? So what if she’s 40? She’s way hotter than most women I’ve ever encountered. Anyway, isn’t 40 the new 20 or something like that? With that being said, I still have issues with him attending these events. I guess people sometimes act out of the ordinary when they are in love…so I forgive him. hahaha


  38. D. Solrac

    Yeah – I think people do change…god knows I hate it when friends of mine quote me from 15 years ago…saying they can’t believe I think this or do that.
    And yes, when you are newly in love, you do alot of different things!
    40 better be the new 20!


  39. Kick

    I think she’s really pretty. I remember her from 15 years ago when she was hanging out with U2 (Yes, I liked U2 in junior high and I still like them. I’m not ashamed). She has staying power.


  40. stella

    trust ladies: she is not gonna keep him around. she is notorious for going from one musician to another. im not saying that she might not hink paul is the one but i think once another hot rocker boy will come around, she’ll bolt.
    that’s just my opinion.

    sorry sara had to detox from her banksy syndrome. it’s just something i just got to live with ;P


  41. Morgan

    UGG!!!!!!!!! You almost got my ass FIRED! I clicked on those links to the Helena pics & BAM! IN YOUR FACE…BOOBS! I AM SO glad no one was in my office!

    Du er gal! jajajajajaja ;)


  42. Anners

    * Ugg, your avvie is sooo grody. Gross! And thank you for the photo essay of Helena. ;)

    * Hi Stells! * Hi Morganers!
    * Jossie, she looks sad to u?


  43. Morgan

    Master Tsukai- Yes, it would have been a funny sight to see. I was clicking off the site as fast as humanly possible! hahahaha


  44. paul gets so hot that he had to take his cap off and oh he smiles soo lovely

    sam ask something and i girl says (austria) “oooooooooooooooossssssssstrrrrrrrrrrrria”


  45. D. Solrac

    Saraphina – that’s one of the better Interpol art creations. I’ve never thought of the line , “I am speckled like a leopard” as being autobiographical before! It’s nice that he thinks of his moles that way.


  46. Michelle! i think it was bcause paul was an asshole and used too many drugs in that time if you listen Wreking ball at the end it says “abbey forgive te quiero…(something) que lástima..will we grow up toghether?”


  47. Kelly

    plus i heard he wasn’t faithful to Abbey and she finally had enough of it all.

    did she really get married?


  48. nah nah nah nah nah! remeber that paul speaks spanish so it says something like “abbey forgive me, te quiero,,,abbey forgive me por dios te quiero ,…que lástima..thought we would grow up toghether” or something like that ,i’m just listing it..yeah i think abbey had enough of naughty Paul.
    the spanish part only says “i love you, god!, i love you, what a pity (or what a shame) “


  49. D. Solrac

    I’m confused – does the end of Wrecking Ball say – abbey forgive me etc…. or I love you, god.???


  50. D.solrac..it says abbey forgiveme te quiero blah blah blah …i just translated the spanish part.
    i’m from Chile :P (yeh yeh yeh that lil’ country in southamerica) interpol is actually comming (mach 6) but i start law school tomorrow so i’m pretty much fucked up.


  51. D. Solracky

    THanks KONST – Are you saying that because you are starting law school tomorrow, you can’t go see Interpol on the 6th of March??? OH NO!!! This is the first time they are coming to Chile, right? But, congrats on starting Law School, that’s probably more important than going to see a band play! (right?) :)


  52. me

    I never knew that!!!
    I just listened to Wrecking Ball now, and all I can hear cleary is “te quiero” and “que lástima.”


  53. ARE YOUKIDDING ME?!?! OF COURSE IS NOT MORE IMPORTANT. ahahha i dont really care law school. but thank you very much. yeah it’s the first and prob last time !! i’m soo very depress for it. i problably end up super drunk that day ahahahah


  54. D. Solrac

    What a bummer! They will come back to Chile next time, I’m sure of it. I get the feeling that they are gonna get a very warm welcome from South America.


  55. welll maybe.. i hope so..i mean when placebo came they were soo like “woooow” that they came the nest year.
    anyways i was trying to get some picture of Helena..i mean not as a model …as a photographer..like a photo gallery or something..does anyone knows where i can get it?..cause i think abbey is pretty good (but not always) so i want to compare


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