Shag or Gag?


No Shag for Old Men!   Sorry, that wasn’t funny.   It’s Javier Bardem.  He just won a Best Supporting  Oscar for his role as that pervert with the phucked up hairdo in No Country For Old Men.   Booyah.   Shag it or gag it.  And stop bytching about the pictures!   Reference him from your brains.  The picture is just here for illustration.  I can’t just write his name with no image and say “shag him or gag yourself,” because that would be very stupid.




15 thoughts on “Shag or Gag?

  1. joders

    Slightly smouldering though he may be, I can’t shag anyone who is shagging someone who shagged Whorley.

    Just incase you didn’t follow that, it’s a gag for me.


  2. Anners Scribonia

    Me no shag.

    * jajaja, kelly! I thought I was the only one who thought some people look like they have bad breath.

    * Jahahaha, Jennifer! But Robert Downsey Jr….


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