Diego Luna: Shag or Gag ?


I’m gonna say no shag for Diego Luna because he seems perpetually adolescent, but Uggers loves him, so he’s a contender.   Plus I like this picture for some reason.  Shag it or gag it?  How old is he, by the way?




39 thoughts on “Diego Luna: Shag or Gag ?

  1. Morgan

    SHAG! I love the young ones! haha He’s hotter in these pics than in the pics Ugg showed me! Yes, 100% SHAG!


  2. Daners Isadora

    Um, I’d say no. He looks a little young to me. And he’s younger than me, so I guess thats a concrete no


  3. D. Solrac

    Morgan – I have to agree with you – these are better than the pics that Ugg had!!!!!!
    On the fence shag.


  4. Anners Scribonia

    You’re gonna shag Diego on a fence, D. Solrac?


    * Don’t kill me, Uggers! You can have these pics!


  5. Daners Isadora

    Hahahahah Master Tsukai! Are you begging me to shag Diego?!

    Let me look for a few more pictures before I decided. 28 means he’s older than me. So…that’s a good thing


  6. Daners Isadora

    Um, I don’t like his chin.

    Owait! He was in Y Tu Mama Tambien! He was kina sorta hotness in that. And this picture might make me wanna shag him.

    Anners! can we do Jordi Molla sometime?!


  7. Anners Scribonia

    What is Jordi Molla?! Is that food? Huh?!

    * Ha! Master Tsukai is so cute! She’s begging you to shag Diego! jajajaja. :)


  8. Daners Isadora

    Jordi Molla was in Blow with Johnny Depp! His eyes are wicked!

    Um, IMDB his arse! Food he is not. Although, he is all sorts of delich


  9. Daners Isadora

    I hope people thought you were nuts when you did so. People just figure it’s par for the coarse when I giggle at what you all say at work. Nothing I do amazes them anymore. They already think I’m looney :)

    ajajajajaj I got an applause! :)


  10. D. Solrac

    OOps – I’m on the fence about shagging him – I don’t want to actually shag him on a fence. haha!


  11. Ugg

    hahhahaaha DON’T UPSET UGG!!!!!!!! do you think i’m some kind of psycho? lol.
    SHAGGGG. <3<3 thanks anners! wooho. let’s all shag diego. he isn’t kinda young, but he’s got a childish face. haha or something. like PAUL<3<3 baby diego. HAHAHA. ew. i like the second pic aw. he is married btw, AND she is pregnant. boo:(


  12. Morgan

    Ugg – I bought Dirty Dancing 2 – Havana Nights tonight…just to see this Diego kid! HAHAHAHAHA It was in a $5 bin @ the store, & it kind of just jumped out at me!


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