Jordi Molla: Shag Or Gag?


Wait a minute!   Is this Clive Owen?!   Daners WTF?   I did an image search on Jordi Molla (This is Daners’ shag or gag?) and like 2 pictures came up and this was one of them.   He looks like Clive Owen!   I’m scared.   What’s also scary is that Jordi has been called “The Spanish Tom Cruise.”   I’m pretty sure that is no longer considered a compliment.  Whatevers.   Shag it or gag it?


Okay, this is clearly not Clive Owen.


20 thoughts on “Jordi Molla: Shag Or Gag?

  1. Daners Isadora

    Ugg! Master Tsukai!!! WTF?! Clearly the two of you are blind. That could only explain it.

    Clive is like a little extra bonus for me :) And Jordi has some wicked eyes. They were hot in Blow and that’s why I want to shag him, even if he did phuck over Johnny Depp.


  2. Daners Isadora

    Let me try this again:

    Don’t make me go cry in my corner!

    First I find out my Daniel Craig is engaged, then you guys rip on my Jordi! I’m going to get all emotional :(


  3. me

    I was actually going to say shag, but then the picture of him with his pants open made me change my mind to gag.

    (shag Clive Owens, though.)


  4. Daners Isadora

    Anners I can’t believe you said gag me with a spoon! Jajajajajaja!

    Lala, and everyone else who finds Clivey sessy, I’m not sharing with any of you! Just cause you’re hating on Jordi


  5. joders

    I believe that poor Jordi is checking that it’s still there incase it grew little legs of its own and walked off to find a shag (since no one but Daners wants to shag him).

    I like dark haired men with blue eyes. I’m gonna say shag, but not for weeks yet. I’m not feeling up to it all right now.


  6. ooo daners… ok i shag Clive… if he asks me to prepare some chilaquiles with that sessy voice he has hahahaha :P

    and about jordi… don’t cry… he is only your man :) nice eyes :P


  7. Amy

    It is so late to repond to this–a year and 5 months–but you should know that the picture you refer to is from a movie, and not the actor as a man posing that way? You didn’t know?


  8. Syrinx

    Shag or gag on Jordi Molla- definately SHAG and I mean that in a fan way- not a stalker or someone who would sexually harass Jordi Molla. Jordi Molla is sexy as fuck. I am going to rewatch Blow. Might I add– I have seen a lot of people on drugs and his performance in Blow was great– on the Island he looked like someone doing meth or cocaine. His facial expressions and the way he acted was like a drug addict. He was awesome as an actor in that film. He is a good actor and his being shagalistic has nothing to do with the fact that his performance in Blow was fucking awesome. He is a good actor.


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