Shag Or Gag?


It’s James Purefoy.  I think I did a shag with him before (a post, not an actual shag, unfortunately).   My sisters think he looks stupid, but I disagree.  He was in HBO’s Rome as Mark Anthony, and was also in A Knight’s Tale, Vanity Fair, and some other shih.




5 thoughts on “Shag Or Gag?

  1. joders

    P’haps it’s the photos you’ve chosen Anners?

    I don’t really like him so much in the first 2, but the 3rd one, where he’s wearing that weird looking jacket with the fur around the collar and which he could totally take off coz it’s weird looking….

    Ok, my point is, that’s a good looking bloke in that pic. I’d shag him based on that one photo alone, just so long as he loses the jacket.


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