Sorry, Cola!

I think I am 85% over Banksy…  these things happen.   I think I prefer him as the sinister boy with zero muscle tone, like he is in the picture above.  Ano-Banksy is no good.  Shallow, I know.   I just don’t want to deal with him anymore.  He would have been a hot boyfriend back in the day.   He looks hot in that pic!  I would have been so happy to introduce my hot, fluffy boyfriend named Paul Julian Banks to my friends, family, and random thugs on the street.  Not anymore!  Don’t despair, Cola Gordians!   15% of me still does not loathe the man!

^ HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


32 thoughts on “Sorry, Cola!

  1. Cait

    I know what you mean, Anners. Personally, I prefer a little meat on my men. Why I have such a fixation on Orlando Bloom, I dunno, he’s twiggish after all, but in general skinny boys to nothing for me.

    Sorry for my current lack of avatar. I just got back from a baseball game and am too lazy to log in. :P


  2. Kick

    Hello everyone! Sadly, I feel the same way. He’s so cute in the first pic. Now he’s a skinny modelizer. No thanks.


  3. I’ve kinda went off Banksy too :( I think it’s the whole rogering a supermodel phase he’s going through. I like my musicians to be a bit mysterious, I don’t like seeing pap shots of them.


  4. me

    I, too, am a little over Cola Gorda. I think it was just a phase that I’ve gone past now. He’s still hot, though.


  5. Dr Romy

    so NOW everyone is admiting it huh?!
    I told you, go for the Kessler, like me, he is the one for the longtime relationships… Or the Frusciante man, even though he is my bfriend at the moment, so STOP stalking him, haha…
    BTW: HELLO from Vienna, Anners!!!


  6. hahahah, I dont know if I´m glad about not being hte only one a little over Cola Gorda or is kinda scary… he put us together at the end of the day (or whatever you say it, my english today is just lazy).

    hahahah, I dont know if I´m glad about not being the only one that is a little over Cola Gorda or is kinda scary… he bring us together at the end of the day (or whatever you say it, my english today is just lazy).

    I love the way he looks nowadays, chubby banks was kinda turn off for me but the whole Paul “I date supermodels and attend fancy events and let people take polaroids with my face of ‘do I smile or show no interest?, I dont know how to act in this fancy events’ and I go to fancy events but I dont even have the decency to wear a tuxedo”, is just ugly… But I still want to shag him like 50% so…oh well…


  7. Ugg

    lol at the last pic. what the hell does he look like? some kind of animal. a weird little dog. or a cat. like those skinny bald cats. hahahahahha<3


  8. stella

    i agree with ugg. i will always want to be paul banks catatonic sex toy. he has been looking like shit lately but that too shall soon pass. i have faith our man will come back hot as ever. i pray…


  9. Ugg

    but i’m sad you don’t love him as much anymore anners:( this is a sad day. do you still want a t shirt? hahahha. (if they are coming?) do you still love orli?


  10. Well, I used to love paul and I can say that once he is right behind your eyes, and you can see his eyes on you… you can’t resist him… GRRRRRR… whatta man :P GRRRRRRRRRR


  11. ^^^ “once he is right behind your eyes, and you can see his eyes on you… you can’t resist him…”

    Master T – Truer words have never been spoken!!!


  12. D. Solrac

    Yes, this sad……maybe I should call The Artist and just tell him to forget the t-shirts. (if he hasn’t already forgotten again by now.) haha


  13. Morgan! It is true! Maybe someone could say “i don’t like him” but he has a really strong personality that involves you… ok maybe he could be a jerk sometimes but he is definitely attractive :P


  14. Anners Scribonia

    * Ugg, I stil want a t-shirt and I still love Orly!! ;)

    * Hi Dr. Romy! I will always love John Frusciante and he is NOT your boyfriend!! He’s my boyfriend.

    * Hi ladies… Cola Gorda is losing a lot of hot bytches lately it seems… ;)

    * GOOD POINT, Kathryn!!!!! Cola was hottest circa “A.D.” <— hahahaa. Abbey Drucker.


  15. Anners Scribonia

    Hi ME!!!

    Zu is right! I’m gonna dedicate a post to all you splendid Cola Gordian bytches… I <3 u guys.

    *Mole Patrol Forevers*


  16. Allers

    Why, why as soon as I decide to join this lovely community on the basis of my crush on PB everybody else decides to quit?!!:))
    I gotta admit though his specs aren’t doing much for me at all, he-he


  17. Kellers

    I’m wif you Anners. Approximately 7.5% of me still wants to shag Banksy, but it is dwindling by the day. The stuff he does nowadays is such a turn-off and Ho has really affected his hotness.

    However, my love for your blog (and Ugg’s Carlos avatar) cannot be diminished!


  18. Dr Romy

    Anners, you dumped John two years ago, broke his heart, cause him to write five albums about his despair, and now you want him back? No way, he’s finally over you… oh and still no album finished but he’s working on it, I promise, my sources told me so.


  19. Anners Scribonia

    * Thank u Kellers! :)

    * Romy, it was 3 years ago! Hee Hee. He’s still not over me, though, Nope! Don’t be suprised if he writes a song or devotes a whole album to me based on that one truncated afternoon.

    * Michelle, John is very very lovable.


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