i so love richard quest. he’s an travel/international stuff/robin leach-esque correspondent for cnn. he’s so loud and he insists on shouting what most people would choose to speak in a normal manner. and he’s just so darn excited about EVERYTHING!

which is why i am so disappointed to announce that he is an alleged meth head! he was found in central park this morning with the illicit substance. richard – are you trying to get thrown in to the slammer and be petie’s cell mate? *sigh* what’s with you cracked out brit boys?

does anyone else heart richard? or am i just weird?

for those of you who aren’t familiar feel free to take a look:



4 thoughts on “stfu!

  1. ive never herd of the guy, buh my first thought wude hav been: DUH! u can spot “tina queens” from a mile away. it’s sad, buh he better get his act together b/c we WILL deport and bar him from the us just as soon as look at him. (exhibit a: amy winehouse, exhibit b: naomi campbell)


  2. Kick

    He always scared me. anyway when he was arrested in the park, he had a “friend” with him, and a rope tied around his neck that was also tied around his penis (WTF?????). Also a sex toy was somehow involved. I’m too young I think.


  3. tiffers euphonious

    omg! i was so not aware of those salacious details! very interesting. thanks for your investigative reporting kick! ;)


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