top 10 and various music updates

i know i’m a day late with my top 10 (for those slags who care!) ;) i figured putting it out on tuesdays makes more sense since that’s when all the all sorts of music goodness is going on anyway!

1. specialist – interpol (because i love it soooo much!)

2. cold war kids – magnetic morning

3. there is a light that never goes out – the smiths (bbc crown jewels on vh1 classic ruled! and itunes sucks for not having more smiths songs available :( )

4. shining road – cranes

5. arabian knights – siouxsie and the banshees

6. doing the unstuck – the cure

7. go! – tones on tail

8. can you forgive her? – pet shop boys

9. take your mama – scissor sisters

10. red blooded woman – kylie minogue

i’m all over the place this week. however, i did spend a fair amount of time with my gays this week thus explaining a few of the choices ;)

in music news, peter murphy will be launching a solo tour beginning may 30th. i am so hoping that this will get love and rockets in gear to announce a summer tour as well (esp since they are now confirmed for lollapalooza!)

portishead will be playing in l.a. thursday night and then at coachella saturday and then that’s it for those of us in the states this year. what a bummer :(

you can view bjork’s wanderlust video in 3-d! you can send away for a pair of 3-d glasses (click here for info for the states and europe). once you get your glasses click here to watch the video!

my bloody valentine is headlining the all tomorrow’s parties festival in ny the weekend of 19-21 in september!

any north carolina slags? you are lucky! click here to find out info about how to see arcade fire for free at an obama rally.

the magnetic morning ep is now available. i like it a lot :)


10 thoughts on “top 10 and various music updates

  1. tiffers euphonious

    thanks tsukai! it rules!

    and allison – if you go please provide a report. i want to live vicariously through others!


  2. stella

    well… i most definitely will go tiffers so if you do go.. we should meet up. i dont flake, just ask anners! i met her at the interpol show in san francisco


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