What The Holy Eph Is This ?!


11 thoughts on “What The Holy Eph Is This ?!

  1. Bunny Dixonjugs Is Daners' Bond Girl Name

    why is what’s her name’s hand on Alex’s ass?

    I watch clips of this show religiously on Jezebel.com

    Also, Alex annoys me, and I am not going to that site. However, the chick in the middle is the best thing to happen to New York since Trouble. She calls out Alex for being a social climbing beyotch with a gay (seriously) hubby and two kids names Johann and Francois (again, seriously)


  2. Bunny Dixonjugs Is Daners' Bond Girl Name

    ^ I just embarrassed the fark (ha) out of myself by telling you that much about this waste of airtime.


  3. Bunny Dixonjugs Is Daners' Bond Girl Name

    I could embarrass myself more by telling you all about the Rock of Love reunion and the last Bad Girls Club. But I won’t. I got dignity.

    And with that, I’m off to slumber. Maybe I’ll have more brill ideas tonight, hmm?

    Bethany. the chick in the middle. Bethany. It was killing me I couldn’t remember.


  4. Anners Scribonia

    Ooh! Bad Girls Club! I looove that show. Darlen is a fierce, fiery slutcake and I love her.

    I may take down that link… feels icky…


  5. Bunny Dixonjugs Is Daners' Bond Girl Name

    I’m from Brooklyn, yo! Pop off!

    I know that’s not Darlene, but damn, it’s fun to say.

    And did you see where they pissed in the sink and into whats her names juice? Brilliant television, let me tell you. Seriously.


  6. Ewww!
    She has massive nips and one ugly woo woo, I need to pour bleach in my eyes now!
    I’ve never seen this programme, but it sounds hysterical. The woman on the far right is some kind of Countess, I think.


  7. Tina

    I loved Real Housewives of NYC. I heard about Alex and her porn and you know I dont think she is attractive at all!! I mean why doesnt she get her teeth fixed and dump the gay husband?? And why we are at it rename her kids!! Bethenny was the best one on the show.

    And I am also not emabarrassed to admit watching Rock Of Love(ok maybe slightly emabrrassed). I mean where else can you see a smack down between Skivy Nicks(aka Heather) and Daisy??


  8. magnolia711

    I’m not a west coaster nor a New Yorker. But I watched both Real Housewives series and was really struck by the physical differences between the 2 sets of women. The OC ladies were all barbies, at least some of NY women look like people in my neighborhood.


  9. allisonwonders

    I watched these NYC slags too. They just had a reunion show on. And, this Alex Byotch said that all her nuddie pics were above the waist… oh no she didn’t! She and gay Simon also said they didn’t give the photographer permission to publish the pics. HAHAHA! That’s a good one.


  10. omg i shude hav dun a post on this show, i luvs it!! like im addicted to it! im not talkin “omg, im soo addicted to calling my boyfriend” im talkin “omg, im soo addicted like how amy winehouse is addicted to smack and spliffs” <–haha!

    let me tell u a bit about each other the ladies (starting on the left)

    tragic yellow pants suit: she’s a total poser/fake she wants to be part of the ny socialite scene soo bad thats its pathetic. she named her son “francois” and says he can sing twinkle twinkle little star in french, latin and spanish. her husband is from oz and he’s just as bad. they like in brooklyn in a tragic house that people were schocked to find out was theres. b/c it was dirty and bare and tragic. her cast mates were like “omg, i was shocked when i saw your house on tv, it’s dangerous for ur kids, and the way u guys talk i thought u all wude be living better than this”

    w/ the bangs in the black and white: i LOVE her!! she reeks on ny! like her accent is soo northern, her best friend is a gay man. she has all the connections. and she tells it like it is.

    bethany (in the middle in the blk): she’s the yungest one, shes kinda bipolar, she wants her bf to marry her and hav a baby together. she hates her parents

    pink dress: she’s annoying and she’s fake. she dresses and acts too yung

    on the right end: she’s a countess (b/c her husband is a count) she has alot of money, she goes on alot of vacations, she has a nanny, she likes to hang out w/ yunger people, she is very charitable


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