Oh, Damn! Feliz Cumpleanos, Cola!


Thank you so very much, Allers and Uggers for pointing out that I phucking phorgot about Cola’s 30th Birthday!!!!  That’s almost blasphemous!   I guess I’m slipping big-time.   No, that does not mean I don’t give a damn about Cola anymore, because I do!  I am so embarrassed!  My heart fell when I logged on and saw Allers’ comment reminding me what my GD job was!  Noted, slutcake!

Forgive me, Cola Gordians, for I have sinned.  Also, I apologize to Cola Gorda and his cougarfriend.   They google themselves every morning, come here, and SPAM me.   Every single day!  Helena thinks we’re all bitches by the way.   She comes here and says it.   I think they were expecting a celebration here in honor of his birthday and I think they were disappointed.

So:  Happy Birthday, Cola Gorda!  Thank you for your voice, your wit, and your cola gorda.

T-Shirt update:   D. Solrac has ordered the Mole Patrol t-shirts!!!! Yippee!   They should be in the palms of your hands in about 53 days or so.   I made that up!  I have no idea how long, but I will keep you posted.


IPB Image


12 thoughts on “Oh, Damn! Feliz Cumpleanos, Cola!

  1. Allers

    Cheers, Anners! Didn’t mean to be so bossy, but hey, better me than Cougars! 1 a.m. in London, better wrap it up.. Happy Birthday, Cola!


  2. HAHAHHAAH . this is too funny”hey google themselves every morning”
    so cola if you actually read us i just want to say:

    FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS COLA GORDA , TE AMAMOS SIN IMPORTAR NADA. :) y nos importas y te queremos y cortate ese pelo largo porque pareces J.Foster! oh , and eat a sandwich for fuck’s sake.


  3. Lala

    Hi girls!!! It´s been sooo long I´ve missed this blog, I REALLY HATE SCHOOL AND HOMEWORK!

    I came in here and turns out is COLA´s birthday i totally forgot, Feliz Cumpleaños!!!!!

    Anners what happened with the t-shirts???? i´m lost :(


  4. d.solrac

    LALA! so glad to see you! The T-shirts were actually ordered on Friday! I’ll let everyone know when they get to me. :)


  5. Anners Scribonia

    Lala! I was just thinking about you! Ah, is school almost over? :)

    Morgan and Solracky, you posted youtubers! Thanks! I <3 Concrete Blonde.:)


  6. isobel

    i looooooooove that photo
    paul looks just perfect. i miss that paul =(
    we want the old paul!! with long hairrrrrrrrr (but not too much)


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