Shag or Gag?

Um, I don’t think I know if I want to do a shag or a gag here.  I mean John Mayer?!  His music reeks and once upon a time he shagged Jessica Simpson many a fortnight (I don’t even know what that means?!).  That’s insane and gross!


19 thoughts on “Shag or Gag?

  1. SHAG!!! SHAG!! SHAG!! i luv john mayer, his music, the way he doesnt take himself to seriously, and the hair gotta luv that haha!

    he seems like a really regular guy, when i saw him in concert he came out on stage in like some cargo pants and a plaid shirt. nothing fancy, and thats wuhs cool about him


  2. jane121

    He looks arrogant but he’s good looking.

    I’m not going to touch anything that’s been near jessica simpson tho.


  3. joders

    I could almost shag him because of the photo where he’s got the blue tie on. But he’s shagged Jessica Simpson and Cameron Diaz and now he’s supposedly shagging Jennifer Aniston. So, I think not.


  4. allisonwonders

    Gag! His voice alone makes me gag. His music makes me gag. He’s still a Dave Matthews wanna be as far as I’m concerned. And Dave Matthews makes me gag!


  5. Allers

    Gag all the way for me!!There’s something sluggish about him, as much as I like Jen Anniston, that’s her worst one so far. Also, hate men who think too much of themselves and he certainly seems like one.


  6. D. Solracky

    Gag – I can’t stand his music – but……….he is a very funny guy, so maybe I would be friends with him.


  7. Gag. Don’t think he is cute…at all. And that one song he sings that goes “your body is a wonderland” literally makes me wanna slit my wrists.


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