It Was An EMOtional Day


These two got married yesterday.   I want to say some smart ass shit about the groomsmen wearing hoodies and the bridesmaids wearing new faces but I won’t because that’s mean  and also pretty stupid.  Plus it’s cute when people fall in love and get married!

A spokesslut for these two awful singers told People Magazine that:   “We’re delighted to confirm that Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson were married this evening in front of family and close friends.”  Sweetness.  Ashlee is also PREGGERS.  Yep.



14 thoughts on “It Was An EMOtional Day

  1. jane121

    U r a clever little thing.

    I remember Ashley crapping on about how she wanted to wait until her 30s to get married as she felt her 20s were for figuring out who you are.

    I guess unplanned pregnancies can always change that.


  2. I remember the days of your post hijacking, Anners. If I’m not mistaken, I found this blog through the Perez Hilton comments all those eons ago.


  3. Oh, so that’s how you found me! Hahahaha. Caiters, that was hilarious. I had that blog and I was like “Now what?” So I decided to pimp myself on Perezhilton and some other blogs. It lasted a week or two. Hee Hee. He left me a comment once, too. It was quite polite.


  4. Yep! I’ve been around forever, eah? Hehe!

    Well that was lovely of him! He never stuck me as particularly kindly, but that was truly nice of him.


  5. Kellers

    These two seem like they might be sincerely in love – they get photographed together all day every day. Let’s hope it works out for the sake of the bb.


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