Shag Or Gag?

It’s Gael!   Shag it or gag it?!  

I have Bronchitis and I’m tired.  See you laters. 



20 thoughts on “Shag Or Gag?

  1. joders

    I’d shag him just because of his name and his accent! The fact that he looks good is just the icing on the cake.

    I guess that’s a shag for me, a shag for Janers and 3 shags for Wanda. Poor Gael, he’ll be quite worn out by the time we’re finished with him.


  2. gag…. I suppose what makes him so shageable is the accent and the fact that he´s a latino guy but as I´m mexican, those things dont really impress me at all. *shrugs*

    get well soon Anners!!! :-D


  3. tiffers euphonious

    gael is total hot stuff even though he is five foot nothing. shag!

    hope you feel better miss thing :)


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