he’s just not that into you

i loved the book he’s just not that into you. hilarious and fairly blunt. for those of you not familiar i believe it was based on a popular episode of sex and the city where miranda is told that a guy isn’t into her by carrie’s boyfriend berger. it was pretty hilarious. so one of the sex and the city writers (and her husband who made the initial comment) made a hugely popular book about understanding guys. or something. i think it’s weird that they are making it in to a movie but i figured the trailer was worth a watch and it looks like your typical romantic comedy with all the familiar faces (jennifer aniston, scarlett johannson, ben affleck, drew barrymore, etc and so on). i’m so going to admit that i’ll be going to see this when it comes out even though it looks like it might be a bit pathetic and uncomfortable to watch. anyone else a fan?

here is the trailer, enjoy!


4 thoughts on “he’s just not that into you

  1. I actually read this book when it first came out. It is hilarious & so true! There are so many ladies who are in desperate need of this book. It makes me wanna pass copies out to them. I def wanna see this movie. :)


  2. tiffers euphonious

    hahah morgan – i actually did pass out copies! it was funny because they were all sold out for like months and i ended up finding a bunch at an airport bookstore :) my friends all loved it, too, of course!


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