top 10 + music news


Once upon a time there was a picture of Daniel Kessler here.  Then along came a person who ordered me to take it down.  They also called me scary names on a messboard. :(  Sorry, Tiffers!   Orlando is cuter anyway.  Hee.

as promised master tsukai! more pics to follow :)

sigur ros have a free download available for their new song called gobbledigook from their upcoming album. click here to get a copy of the song for yourself.

the sex pistols will be releasing a live dvd and kicking off a tour in june. for more info click here.

gorillaz will be doing the title sequence and the music for bbc sport during beijing olympics coverage. for more info click here.

there is a great new feist interview at you can watch it here.

top ten

1. nyc – interpol

2. you fucking love it – dirty pretty things

3. astronauts – cranes

4. rebel rebel – david bowie

5. prove my love – violent femmes

6. protection – massive attack

7. never tear us apart – inxs

8. strange fruit – catherine wheel

9. rockin stroll – lemonheads

10. apollo 9 – adam ant

click more for additional danneh pics!

he’s a talented sportsman!  Who took these pics?  Don’t kill us for posting them!  PLz!

love this shuffle series!

danneh hanging with kesslerites

god he is amazing!


8 thoughts on “top 10 + music news

  1. Oh God… I can’t hardly believe how much i love this man… those “how you doin” eyes kill me!

    BUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I want to see them again!

    Well… NYC has never been one of my favourite but it brings me lovely memories of grand rapids…

    thank you tiffers!


  2. allisonwonders

    Couldn’t agree with you more Master T about my man Kessy. I think they should issue a lithograph of his “shuffle” series. I would love to hang that on my wall. I was reading somewhere that a fan said he was “too clean” when she met him after a show. Huh? A man with superb personal hygiene- bring him on!


  3. tiffers euphonious

    miss world – thanks lovely! :) and i agree about the danneh pic!

    tsukai – i love the “how you doin” eyes – hilarious! and i can’t help but love nyc given my geographic location! and i actually think it was my first interpol song, too, so *sigh*

    konst – omg i never noticed that before, you are so right! and i may still have a crush on evan dando ;)

    allison – there is absolutely no such thing as a man being too clean. more often than not they aren’t!


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