Prince Lesbian Is Way Hot

I think I’ve found an alternate Orlando for the time being.   Orlando is playing hard to get and hiding and shiz and I can’t be dealing with his mess right now.  Prince Lesbian Caspian will do.  I mean Ben Barnes!  ♥ ! (Thank you, Ali-ers, I never figured how to do that heart shiz until you came along that one bright, shiny day.)  The prince looks kind of feminine.  But seriously, that’s not a bad thing.

Here’s a couple more pics of The Lesser Whorelando.


16 thoughts on “Prince Lesbian Is Way Hot

  1. joders

    Jnr Whorely always needs to pose with his mouth closed and looking all serious like. None of this smiling stuff for me.

    Ok, I’m moving quickly away before I get sucked into the vortex of the tornado that is Prince Caspian’s Girl. I’m sure she’ll be by here imminently. In fact I think I hear the storm warning siren now.


  2. Jaded

    Maybe if he’d gain some weight and got a decent haircut… now he looks like he just escaped from a boyband casting.


  3. I’m not a fan of him while he’s smiling. The attractions goes out the window for me then, but when he’s all serious looking, my hormones put on little sombreros and do the conga.


  4. Vy

    My response to the previous “Shag or Gag” question still stands…SHAG!

    There was a semi-hilarious debate going on on his messboards about whether or not he was a quarter black or not–I think it was one girl using a number of different usernames to create tons of different threads about the issue. I don’t care what his racial makeup is; hot is hot in my book!


  5. Vy, can you please give me a link to that messboard?! I need to laugh like really badly. Ben Barnes may be a quarter black?! That’s so hot. I don’t know why, but that’s hot.


  6. Vy

    For some reason, the last time I tried to submit my comment, it didn’t show up. So I’m just trying it again. My apologies if you get this info twice, Anners:

    The link to his messboard is:

    It’s just the standard IMDb page.

    And here’s the link to the chick that kept harping on the issue of his race:

    The girl’s obsessed. Just take a look at her message board history and see all the different new topics she started on the issue. The responses to her are sort of amusing though.



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