more music goodies

nin released a free 5 song sampler including the bands who will be opening for them while they are on tour this summer. they are the fabu a place to bury strangers, does it offend you, yeah?, deerhunter and crystal castles. in addition, there is a new track from reznor himself. to get yours, click here.

raveonettes lead singer sharin foo will be replaced by her sister for their upcoming tour in europe because she is preggers.

the faint’s new album will be released august 5th and it’s heavily inspired by electronic music from berlin. ssswwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttt!

the killers did a duet with duran duran on ‘planet earth’ in vegas recently. click here for the video.

hilarious tour riders: iggy pop and foo fighters. i am aware these are old but they make me laugh!

our mutually shared luvahs in that band we lurve interpol are playing another gig that is not festival related in the uk. boys, could you pretty please do something back in the states? i don’t know, nyc maybe? since it’s your hood and all? please? and you can of course visit all your other slags across the country and show them some love, too. or if you would like to establish a residency at my apartment for the next 50 years that can be arranged as well ;)

loads of cool brits (including members of blur, manic street preachers, suede, stone roses, jarvis cocker, etc) have designed a 7″ sleeve for edwyn collins’ new single called home again. you can only get these 7″‘s at randomly selected record stores in the uk. and apparently the sleeves will be covered so you won’t necessarily know what you are getting when you buy it! there will only be 1500 made and only 25 of them will feature the special artwork! so you can try your luck or wait til the one you want ends up on ebay for 2 million dollars ;)


7 thoughts on “more music goodies

  1. allers

    Tiffers, where did you get the info on the uk gig, pretty please??
    And do you by any chance know if it’s anywhere near London? ’cause i lurve them and all, but travelling’s not an option, I’m not that hardcore, he-he..


  2. Ugg

    under 1 month!!!!!!!!!until they are coming her!!!!!!!!!!!!fuck fuck!!!!!!!!!
    i’m so exited i might pee my pants. i’m wearing the mole patrol t shirt!! woohooooo


  3. allers

    well, that was clever of me, he-he, I’ve finally found the link, thank you very much, only took me a couple of hours:)…just goes to show..
    Anyways, Sheffield is too ephing far!!! bastards!!!


  4. tiffers euphonious

    hey anners! :)

    hey allers: they are doing a gig in manchester, too. is that helpful? and some festival in suffolk?

    ugg: please wear the mole patrol shirt and take a pic. that will be priceless!


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