Tore Up From The Floor Up

Love the golden chain around her waist!

Jimminy Christmas!  This Mischa Barton situation is starting to get on my ephing nerves!  Does she own a damn mirror and does she have ample lighting in her trailer?  Seriously, it’s not that phvcking hard to not look like an itinerate German lesbian named Magda circa 1982.   It’s all so phugly!  Her hair doesn’t make any sense.  Why?  Mischtake, why? Nevermind about the weight fluctuations and cellulite probs that the tabs love to abuse you about:  you can still dress for success.


It can even been seen from a distance!

^  Is that Fred from Angel?  She’s looking at Mischa like “What the eph are you wearing, bytch?”


2 thoughts on “Tore Up From The Floor Up

  1. jane121

    I think she would look cute in the top pic if that vest didn’t have tassles on it.

    I don’ care what people say – she has a good body, even including the cellulite.


  2. Daners Isadora a.k.a. Busty St. Clair


    Irrational HATE for this woman. So if I have nothing nice to say, I’ll say nothing at all


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