Big Ben!

ben barnes prince caspian czech 02

Ben Barnes will be showing up for Prince Caspian events for approximately the next 198 days.  That’s totally fine with me, by the way.   That way I can at least keep tabs on his arse.  Here’s Big Ben in Prague or something.  He’s fiercely hot.  Look at his neck!  It’s all sensual and gazelle-like.

You’d never know this, but I jacked these pics from Just Jared.  Fab blog, that Just Jared is.  Always keeping me current with the whereabouts of Whorelando and Big Ben.



14 thoughts on “Big Ben!

  1. joders

    Wanda, I think Orly’s been in quarantine. But I heard they’re thinking about letting him out to play Caligula in a movie to be released in 09/10.


  2. joders

    Anners, that’s a good photo of Ben (the one by himself). You’ve no need to worry about me wanting to share him though. I’m just window shopping, I’ve left the credit card at home.


  3. Orly in Caligula? he’s not going to be Caligula, is he? Maybe Macro? Yay! Orly in a porno FTW!

    Hi lalalallalaa! :)

    Faithful, Wanda? Bytch, you were the first to cheat. Ever heard of a fellow named Rain?


  4. joders

    Some of those silly buggers over at O-Love think he’s up for the role of Caligula himself.

    Let’s not forget Orly was also supposed to be Marcus Aurelius in Pompeii and rumour has it he was up for the role of the Carmalengo in Angels and Demons. And I’m still waiting for production on The Red Circle. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    At least we know he’s got the porntache look down pat if he gets the role in the porno flick.

    OMG, that’s Ben’s barely pubescent co-star groping his arse in those pics on Ali-ers blog!!


  5. Anners Scribonia

    Joders, Orly could most def not have been portraying Marcus Aurelius in Pompeii considering the man wasn’t born till like 100 years after the Vesuvius erupted. Jajaa


  6. joders

    Sorry Anners, my mistake. I meant Marcus Attilius Primus. That’s what happens when you comment in the dark of the night when you really should be in bed.

    Ali-ers, her permission slip makes it better. Thank God. I was concerned for a minute.

    Jamie-Lynn Spears’ mum must have given her a permission slip too.


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