Why Did Mischa Barton Leave L.A.?

Did you know that Mischtaken Barton now resides in France?  Mischa says that “it simply stopped being fun in Los Angeles.”  That’s fine.   But why France?  She gives no reason for this.  By the way, she needs to understand that she is transferring her own inner feelings onto a GD city and that this is going to make problems for her.  At some point all cities will cease to be ‘fun” and she is going to wake up one day in Helsinki  or something and realize:  “C’est moi!  ‘Tis I that have ceased being fun, not the cities I have been dwelling in.”  But by then it is going to be too late!

Okay, so I’m done being re-re about Mischa leaving Los Angeles.  Now I’m going to address the tabloid’s obsession with documenting her cellulite issues:

 A while back one bold and evil photog zoomed in on her thigh-dimpling  whilst she was sunbathing on the balcony of her hotel.  The pics were published all around the world and this is what Mischa has to say about that situation:  “Those pictures were retarded.  Obviously it’s embarrassing and it’s un-cool but I just suck it up and live with it.”

She’s kind of funny.



8 thoughts on “Why Did Mischa Barton Leave L.A.?

  1. Ali-ers

    Janers – you have to really get into it and bend from the knees.

    I’m so glad I’m not wearing those fug yellow shorts wif black tights and a pillow case draped around my neck.
    I’m also glad my eyeballs aren’t rolling back into my head like Mischa’s. That chick is just not having a good day.


  2. googie

    it’s like she’s trying to dress in the most possible unflattering way. she has an amazing body yet always manages to make herself look chubbs.
    i’ve never seen shorts so horrible.


  3. SadieJo

    Moving to Par-ee? She obviously prefers French ‘shrooms. So much easier to live near the source.

    After the no-show stunts Mushy pulled in Cannes, how is she even employable? Prolly not her best idea to piss off those Russian movie backers. Or the Calif justice system.


  4. Ashley

    I love mischa… i think she really is amazing actress, I really do wish her the best.

    I think main reason she did move to Pairs is that she can problem drink there…. Since she can’t in LA! Cause of her arrest. I think she’ll come back! The way I see it, most of fans are from America!!! I notice that just couple of days ago! She does have a lot England fans too!

    I think Mischa is one hell of actress and I really hope she smart enough to not screw up again like Nicole, Pairs, & Lisdney! I think Mischa is differnt.

    Mischa please say that I am right about you! That ur not f*** like other celb!



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