Speckled Like A Cougar

I fall off the Interpol wagon for two seconds and everybody changes their damn faces and stuff?  I was first alerted to Cola’s haircut by Master Tsukai a few days ago.  Or was it a week and some change?  I don’t know!  Whatever, it was a good move; he needed a damn haircut.  Then Morgan threw a small squee party on her blog about Cola’s brand new grey arm band.  It’s hot!  I love his ginormous wrist/arm bands!  Infinitely sessual.

So I hit up the messboards again.   Glad to see that nothing has ephing changed!  Cola still rules supreme on the photo thread.   There are 4604 posts for his Ashtanga Yoga Booty alone!  Impressive.  Carlos is at 1984 posts, the Amish Boy is at 1116, and FogarinHo is at 674.  What the eph?  Show some damn respect to Samuel, bytches!  Just start posting shit on there so he doesn’t feel bad when he visits.  You know he does, BTW.  They all do.  Even the Cougar!   Are there any new mods over there?  If so, be assured that she is one of them.  She’s watching us.  I swear to the heavens that woman googles her self each and every morning after her quotidian phone call to Josh Hartnett.

There was a point to all this.  I stumbled across a review of Interpol’s Manchester show on Female First.  For the uninitiated, it’s an online British tabloid, and that scared the bejeezus out of me.  I’m used to seeing stories about Rhys Ifans drowning his sorrows in booze because Sienna Miller dumped him, not stories about Interpol.  It’s corny as hell, by the way.   I pasted it for you.  You’re phucking welcome.


Interpol@Manchester Apollo Review

Thursday (10th) 12:23

New York’s finest Interpol returned to Manchester Apollo for a ‘warm-up’ gig prior to their headline appearances at T in The Park and Latitude.

Often unfairly labelled as Joy Division copyists because of their similarly deep and penetrable wall of sound. However with third album ‘Our Love To Admire’ it saw the band parade an impressive versatility and most of all, accessibility.

The aforementioned versatility is evident by the first two songs alone. Kicking off proceedings with the brooding ache of ‘Pioneer To The Falls’, they then transform into the post-punk revivalists we know and love with crowd favourite ‘Slow Hands’.

The relentless riff that introduces it causes a mass surge from the now-wild crowd, yet many punters are bewildered afterwards, have they played their trump card too early?

As well dressed as ever and with an eerie stage presence, between songs the band thank the audience and Banks often throws a wry smile, especially as wave upon wave of crowdsurfers crash into the arms of the fluorescent orange security men.

‘The Lighthouse’ provides the only downside to the night. It’s the irritating flamenco guitar that threatens to override the whole damn thing, a noble stab at “epic” perhaps. Yet a noble failure all the same.

Whilst the majority of bands have that one hit single which defines them, Interpol have never quite managed this. Not cool enough for the mainstream, too straight-laced for the alternative world, the crowd tonight is peppered with indie scenesters, ageing rockers and those in between with a discerning ear.

Yet for their lack of a breakthrough smash, they have style, substance and most importantly a hugely impressive back catalogue.

The fabulously titled ‘No I In Threesome’ roars through to ‘Evil’, a welcome recall to their Antics-era bile spewing brilliance. All the while Paul Banks et al retain a rare sincerity and when the words “We’ve been building up steam/Ignited by the fight” ricochet around the Apollo in the near-crucifying climax to ‘Next Exit’ it seems the fight has already been won.

And if there was any remaining doubt, it has well and truly been dispelled by the time ‘Mammoth’ blares out of the PA System. “Now we should dance like two fucking twins” sees Banks’s gentlemanly graces replaced by the grit of a true rock star and also finds 3,500 pairs of feet jumping hard enough to shake the foundations to it’s core.

Special praise also has to be given to support band Ladytron, think part Howling Bells, part Crystal Castles. A visceral set full of icy atmospherics and synth-pop bleeps that is well worth checking out.

But back to important matters. Interpol-if this is a band just making their tentative comeback, then Interpol are most definitely the must-see band this year on the festival circuit. They weren’t just warming up, Interpol were on fire.

Lee Sentino.

* And Now for some pictures.  I took the liberty of impersonating a crazed messboarder.  Sorry.

Ooh, Pauly.  So peaceful, so calm.  Looks like a little boy, no? ; )

Oh PHUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Those arms!!!!!  Don’t be shy, boss!  We like your arms, but we like your FACE too!  hdsfjhfjshfjsds!!1

What do we have here?   Is that the faint traces of an ass shot?   Why no pictures taken from behind (pun intended!!!!!!!)  :)  :)  :)  :)   I LOVE you Paul Banks!  Nice hat.  Nice arms.  Nice ASS.

Okay, I’m done impersonating messboarders.  It’s making my brain feel weird.   But I will say that Daniel Kessler has the most perfect nose.

Why is Carlos so damned beautiful?  It’s gross.

Sam denuded his scalp!   I kind of dig it. 


97 thoughts on “Speckled Like A Cougar

  1. Ugg

    that review SUCKED………comeback???what the heeeell
    and “have they played their trump card too early?”<– hhaha slow hands
    and then he/she says they don’t have a mainstream hit or whatever. mayybe i read it wrong.
    it’s freaking me out that i want to shag a cloth.
    can you make a shag or gag about JUST THE CLOTH? i will attract weirdos,haha


  2. googie

    it’s weird… on BBC they have been covering T in the park.. even special red button you can press to watch more… and never in the hours and hours of coverage were Interpol mentioned? i could have missed it but their website of listing of what bands will be shown didnt mention them. they were headlining one of the small stages…. … i guess because CD was last year and headlined last years big stage? all other bands interviewed etc… kinda seemed like a diss….


  3. <33333THE GRAY CLOTH<33333
    The cloth has upped his hotness by like 45%! Just when I thought it was over he goes & wears the gray cloth! And he is the only man who could make a red ascot look hot!


  4. hazey jane

    Flamenco guitar?! WTF?!

    BTW, lately I’m all for Kessler. He’s the very essence of sex. Although I would still do the entire band. They’re all hot. I can’t think of a band that I would do all members if I had the chance.

    And I’m loving Cola’s new haircut. He’s looking even cuter.

    About the new mod in IMB, well, she’s nice, but I don’t trust the admins at all. They’re not nice people. And they chose the new mod, so…


  5. Kellers

    Hi Ugg! Wasn’t there a rock festival near your town?

    Yes indeed, that piece of silk he has wrapped around his wrist made my knees buckle a little and I’m not even into Banksy anymore. But whatever the cloth adds, the horrible haircut and hat take away.

    Still love Sammy and Danneh, still wouldn’t walk across the street to see Carlos. I’ve never understood his apparent shag-worthiness, and I don’t think he’s that talented. I wish they’d sack him before the new album and get someone better.


  6. Ugg

    heyyyyyy, yes it was , but it got canceled this year because of ticketsales and stuff. (that IS called unlucky) hahahha. and the first thing i thought was OH NO INTERPOL, but they were going to a festival in the neighbourcountry only three hour drive SO I BOUGHT tickets to that festival like the next day, haha:D
    HAHA knee buckle – cloth.


  7. kick

    “I swear to the heavens that woman googles her self each and every morning after her quotidian phone call to Josh Hartnett.” So true!!! :)

    I’m not feeling the hat/glasses. I still feel he is fighting the hot. It is unclear to me why he has so many posts compared to other equally hot Interpol members. A mystery.


  8. kick

    Hazey, Why are some Interpol fans on the IMB so self-righteous?!? We are all checking a thread called “Paul Photos” so I don’t get their superior attitudes.


  9. hazey jane

    Kick, most Interpol fans are indeed self-righteous. The exception is (are?) the fan-girls. It’s something that happens everywhere, including Brazil. I don’t know for sure why they think they’re superior, but I believe it has something to do with what we call here “underground syndrome”. You know, when fans are like “my band has to remain unknow, because if they start playing their songs everywhere, I’ll stop listening to their music” or “it’s wrong to swoon over the members’ looks, because all that matter is the music” or “I’m better than you because I started listening to their music in 2001 and you became a fan only last year”. I dislike way bad this kind of people.


  10. Greetings, Cola Gordians!

    Hahahhahahaa, Ugg! A shag or gag? of his wrist cloth?!!!! ahjddkjakdkdjkj!! ok.

    Googie, Interpol were getting dissed over there? What? That’s so rude! :(

    HazeyJane: They’re all nice looking menfolk. But I’d only shag cola or Carlos.

    Jossie that pic is prob a few months old, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it.

    Hey Kick! :)


  11. allisonwonders

    I don’t know… that new gray armband has cougar-present written all over it. And it looks like Cola’s sporting a new watch! I notice these things because technically, I could be a considered a cougar too! But, I’m sticking with my Parkay-Butta, Amish Boy, and his perfect nose!


  12. Oh my Dan.

    The only thing that is not perfect about him is that he is not with me hahahahahaha

    New tie… i like it :D

    Paul is coming back to his PIMP style… and that makes me want a bite of him hahahaha

    About the review… WTF?! a comeback?

    BTW… hazey… we are gonna have a cat fight for my dear dan!


  13. hazey jane

    Hey Mirna, don’t worry, I totally believe Danny can handle us two at the same time. He’s a machine. =D


  14. hazey jane

    What you mean, Mirna? Kessler never says no? Damn it. I thought about asking him for a hug, but I didn’t because he looked tired. =/

    Kessler, the love machine. I like that.


  15. haze DI YOU MET KEEESSSLEE?!!?!?!!?

    i would ask him some good shit . dont care is hes tired. aaajjajajaja damn im drunk
    but you know what people say about law students . you work hard you drink haaaAArd!


  16. hazey jane

    Yeah, Konst, I met Kessler, and the whole band as well. Took pictures, Sam and Carlos were really nice to me. Kessler looked tired, that’s why I wasn’t brave enough to ask him for a hug. I didn’t want to bother him even more. =D
    Paul was ok, not nice, but not rude. Just ok. But he smiled at me.


  17. Kick and Ugg– According to Joders (who coined the word):

    “GISELEB is the name given to the phenomenon whereby a semi successful woman attaches herself to a succesful man in order to increase her fame. It came about after Gisele Bundchen attached herself to the infinitely more successful Leonardo Di Caprio in 2000 and resulted in her meteoric rise to fame which coincided with his loss of credibility. It is only when the man manages to extricate himself from the relationship that he has any chance of getting his career back on track. Alternatively the famewhoring female will extract all traces of success from her partner and leave him as an empty, lifeless shell of his former self.”


    * Hazey Jane: Awww! :) :) cute pics! Look at Cola! I just want to rub his belly and kiss the tip of his nose. Okay, maybe not! Thanks for sharing!!!


  18. hazey jane

    You’re welcome, Anners and Konst.

    I loved the GiseleB thing. Ha! You know, as a brazillian girl, I can tell you that Gisele Bundchen is a kind of goddess here in Brazil. Everyone treats her like she’s the most important thing Brazil ever produced. I dislike her, though. For me she’s just an attention whore.


  19. If i dould ask for something more… i’m completely sure he would say no… :(

    but I used to ask him always to give my presents to Carlos, write my name (and he hardly write something), Nancy asked him to send me greetings in video, a pick (twice)a bear hug… but never a kiss or anything like that…

    hihihihi i blushed already :P


  20. charlieeze

    hey anners! glad to be back!
    i saw interpol last night.. musically, so disappointing, but i wont talk about this.
    paulie! I was lokoing forward to see him again! he was damn hot, he was wearing a nice blue hat (ahha yep, the same of the pics you posted) and this RED (passion!) harm band (way more sessy than grey lol). for the rest, he was wearing the same total black suit of your pics.
    unfortunately i didnt have my camera with me, so no pics (not mine, but my friends they all took some, so give me some days and i’ll send them to ya).

    they all looked great, despite of the the lights on the stage, they all seemed to be two-tone green faced.



  21. charlieeze

    not yet, not in time for interpol show :(
    i would have wore it, but as d. solrac made me notice paulie maybe isnt so in love with his mole, so it’s been better not to show the tshirt to him!
    it’s still so hurting seeing him, damn me!

    im just back from rock werchter festival, i had a blast there, and as i had the pass for the backstage (one of my friend performed there 2 days) i met the singer Duffy, she’s so cool, now she’s my new obsession, i feel pretty weird cause she’s a woman lol
    i also met boys from vampire weekend, think im in love with a singer again :)


  22. kick

    Hmmm….I heard Italian model. Who could be blond….There is never any info on Daniel and Carlos’ girlfriends because they are discreet. A word Paul has never heard of or has forgotten the definition to.


  23. hazey jane

    I know Daniel has a girlfriend, but I never knew anything about an italian model. Where did you hear that, kick?
    Carlos for sure has a girlfriend because I saw them together in a hotel, back in March.


  24. kick

    I should say I didn’t read it on the Brazilian Interpol Forum [sadly I can not read Portuguese], someone from the Brazilian Interpol Forum said she read it on there. I saw this on the livejournal. He so secretive about his women friends. Sigh.


  25. hazey jane

    Hey, explain this to me. I’m an admin at Brazillian Interpol Forum and I don’t remember this news being discussed there (Daniel dating an italian model).

    This is wierd.

    Daniel is indeed very secretive about his girlfriends. I just know he has a girlfriend, but I have no idea about who she is.


  26. kick

    I prefer secretive. I don’t really need to see 80 photos of him and his girlfriend vacationing on a beach. Same for Carlos. Same for everyone in my favorite bands.


  27. I think as we all have been so busy with the cougargate, we didnt put attention to the others, and even though at first I didnt believe it, all the evidence seems to say it LOUD.. they are dating… uff… models and more models… cant they be a normal person for god sake! :-P


  28. Kellers

    Wasn’t she the reporter from the famous sandshark interview? Danny you playa! I think she’s bright and beautiful. Banksy must be crazy jealous.

    Can someone post a pic of them together?


  29. hazey jane

    Yeah, Anners, I had the same reaction. Although I was told she’s too short to be a model, she definitely looks like one.

    ; )


  30. Hi Hazy.

    You know what, I don’t get the appeal of models so much. They’re really no prettier than other girls. Just taller and thinner. A lot of guys don’t even like that, BTW. Maybe some models are interesting? I don’t think Helena is all that interesting, though.

    I think guys who dig models aren’t shallow and lame because they’re dating models. I think they’re shallow for buying into the lifestyle.

    I’m not explaining this very well. Ignore me.


  31. hazey jane

    No, no, I got your point. And you’re right. Most guys don’t enjoy a model, they just buy this lifestyle. That’s what makes them shallow.

    But, who knows? Maybe Helena and Valeria are great and clever people.


    : p


  32. kick

    I actually remembered her from the interview. I thought she was really pretty and seemed cool. Wonder what happened to the last one? Not a model. Paul is starting a trend. I’m beginning to think Sam is really the only normal one in Interpol.

    It sucks I can’t read Italian. I would like some proof though.

    Hazey Jane—Daniel can’t date a model. They would be like 10 inches taller than him. He has pride. :)


  33. Hazey, I seriously doubt that Holena is clever. I know nothing about Valeria, though. :)

    She’s the girl in the interview with the cute red shoes? Or was that another girl?

    Kick: Ha! 10″ !


  34. hazey jane

    Yeah, I have no problems with Valeria. She seemed cool and clever in that interview (yes, Anners, she’s the girl with cute red shoes). But someone from Italy called her “that stupid VJ”. I don’t think that person was jealous… Maybe someone from Italy could testify if she’s really stupid?

    And yeah, Daniel has pride. I was also told that Valeria is a small girl.


  35. Lee

    Just came across my review in your blog!!

    To be honest I don’t see what the problem with it is.

    Interpol, as far as I’m aware, were performing warm-up shows for their festival appearances. Therefore they were performing two comeback shows as they hadn’t played in the UK for a while.

    They’re a band who have never quite managed mainstream success, until the release of Our Love To Admire (the highest charting single was at no.18), but what they do have is an arsenal of great songs.

    I’m an Interpol fan and on the previous time seeing them, they have never played ‘Slow Hands’ so early on (2nd) in the set. Not just from me, but people all around me said it was an odd choice straight after ‘Pioneer To The Falls’.

    From my experience, that and ‘Evil’ always seem to elicit the biggest crowd response, hence the slight bewilderment.

    To be honest, I’m only a young guy just starting to do music reviews, so any constructive criticism would be much appreciated.


  36. Hi Lee!

    I’m sorry, I should think about what I write before I hit the ‘publish’ button. Many apologies for calling your review ‘corny’, and also I’m going to go ahead and extend an apology on behalf of Ugg (first comment). She didn’t really mean it in a bad way. Seriously, your review was fine. We’re just manic about Interpol over here.

    The only problem I have with your review is that you failed to say that “No I In Threesome” is the worst song in the history of the world. I’m kidding! But I do hate that song. I always thought PDA was their defining single, though?

    You’re doing fine, Lee. And you were spot on about “The Lighthouse”. :)

    P.S. Are you British? And single? <— Just Kidding.



  37. Lee

    Haha no, it’s fine. I was just worried I’d managed to piss off half the Interpol fan club off !

    ‘No I In Threesome’- I really like that tune, its probably one of my faves, but each to their own.

    Yeah I probably should have mentioned PDA however, maybe next time I do a review for them I’ll send it in to you first for proof-reading.

    Oh and as for ‘The Lighthouse’- It is proper shite..

    Cheers, Lee.

    P.s Yes… and yes



  38. No I In 3some is one of your fave’s? I’m just insulting you all over the place, aren’t I? Sorries! Hee.

    Lighthouse is a wretched song. Wretched!

    Thanks for stopping by and don’t be a stranger. : )


  39. charlie

    she’s not a vj anymore, she’s not a model, she’s not stupid.
    she only has a terrible noisy voice, but she’s ok. i think she’s cute
    a friend told me, mid june, about seeing them in milan out of mono, a famous club here in milan.
    i wouldnt believe him!well it seems to be true.
    another friend told me they were together also in ferrara last week. i was at the show but i didnt see them myself, i went late when dEUS were already playingand I went home as the show ended.


  40. charlie

    this is novemebr 2007, when interpol played milan-alcatraz.
    she was there for the tv all music. i though she was pregnant!
    maybe you’ve all already saw the interview, and she looks stupid there, think questions are stupid but maybe someone else wrote them for her.


  41. allisonwonders

    WHAT is this? WHAT is this I’m reading? Kessler, just what do you think you’re doing??? I remember the sandshark interview. And, I remember Valeria, NOT giving Kessler the time of day because she was too busy making eyes with Banksy the whole time. Hmmm. I guess he’s not beyond taking Banksy throw-backs????


  42. charlie

    hy master Tsukai, im not that sure but in the past years she was a vj for italian MTV and than for all music channel but I read she was pregnant and she left the work for a while, i really dont know if she’s working now.
    i rewatched the interview and definitely she’s dumb. i mean, you have interpol in front of you and you ask them if they’re bored to be associated with the ny indie rock scene? c’mon girl, this question is ages old.
    i think she wrote herself the interview.
    what scares me most is the part on eros ramazzotti, a trash poppy italian singer. she looks really amazed by it. dont lose the dumb expression she does while nodding to paulie’s sentences on eros ramazzotti.
    i dont care a lot who danny is dating, but she’s really irritating by now. delete all my first words, she’s a cute girl, but, woah..
    and, yes, i thought she was digging paulie’s too, since the first time.


  43. hazey jane

    But he was her second choice, Mirna. And what disappoints me the most is the fact the he accepted this.

    Where’s your pride, Mr. Kessler?

    Charlie, she’s cute, but she’s stupid.



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