Skanking it up in the sunshine

Did Balthazar’s wife remove one of his testicles or something? Because I don’t see why he needs to throw in extra public humiliation and hurt after cheating on her for so long. What about his kids? Rather than console them after their parent’s separation he is off gallivanting with a skanky blonde whilst they get to watch mommy in tears. I hope they don’t ever get to see these pictures.

I used to think Sienna was a free spirit but instead she seems more like a common slut (probably with daddy issues) – tis dissapointing. She now replaces Claire Danes as the most shameless celebrity homewrecker.


12 thoughts on “Skanking it up in the sunshine

  1. joders

    Bikini top? Why would she need a bikini top? That’s what Balthy’s hands are for surely?

    Janers, hopefully Balthy’s babymommy is working with a good divorce lawyer to turn those tears of hurt into tears of joy. Especially when she sees that big, fat divorce settlement cheque.

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  2. Daners Isadora a.k.a. Busty St. Clair

    Why do I have to see Sienna’s boobs all the damn time.

    And if he wasn’t shagging Sienna, no one would give a shit about him, just saying. He’s not the greatest actor in the world.

    And he’s obviously also a bastard.

    And Sienna has no soul or conscious.


  3. JAJAJAJAJAJ !!!!!! AJAJAJAJJAJA ajja i love th biggest picture its like “superwhoere!, here i come!” and the dude its like “yeaaahhh baby yeaaah and touch her bobs ” ajajajjajaja


  4. Kellers

    Oh, so much to say. Lots of people sunbathe topless, but Sienners is the only person I’ve seen who just hangs out on the balcony buttering toast, making phone calls, and having breakfast with her bf — topless. LOLZZ!!

    Balth’s behaving shamelessly for a married man – he’s not even trying to show his wife an ounce of respect. But his wife knew she was marrying the heir to the Getty billions and it was her job to produce heirs and spares asap. She’s got 4 beautiful children and a life of luxurious living ahead of her after she receives her insanely huge divorce settlement.


  5. I seriously have no idea who are all those people but I have to say that pic of him with his hands on her boobs is kinda hot… sorry…. *goes and hides ashamed*


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