Shag Or Gag?! (Seriously)

Please don’t make this a collective gag!   And please don’t kill me, because I dig Bill Maher!   I know he’s a nasty slut, but hey, sluts are people too.

Real Time needs to hurry the eph up and get back on HBO.


14 thoughts on “Shag Or Gag?! (Seriously)

  1. Tina

    Well Intellectually and politically I woudl say I am attracted to him….but not sexually lolol

    My husband and I went to see his standup act a couple years ago and had a blast.


  2. Three years ago – total shag. Now… eh. Sorry, gag. I’ll second a few of the ladies here and say that he’s totally smexy mentally, but physically… eugh.


  3. stella

    i used to see him every wednesday at this house music venue in l.a., smoking a joint and rubbing his shit upon whatever prostitute he brought with him. oh and they were always afro-american. he totally loves the dark chocolate.


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