so i saw sisterhood of the traveling pants 2 last night with 8 of my closest gays (i know, i know, don’t start with me! it was gay night out!)

anyway, watching movies (and movie trailers) in nyc is a completely hilarious experience – at least that’s what i think. so when the preview for high school musical 3 came on (why one of them wasn’t plenty is beyond me) i didn’t really think to much of it. but oh, if you have a few seconds to spare and want to laugh hysterically, please watch the video below. is it just me or is this the most re-re thing you’ve seen in a while? pay particular note around the 53ish second mark. everyone was snickering and giggling through the entire thing but when that part started – i have to say – i haven’t heard so many people bust up laughing out loud in such incredible numbers before. it was awesome! check it out for yourselves! and sorry, it will be one minute of your life that you will absolutely waste and never get back again. but if you are up for a laugh i think it’s well worth it.


14 thoughts on “really?

  1. tiffers euphonious

    um, someone got paid actual money to write that dialogue. anners, we are so in the wrong biz! :P glad you liked it!


  2. Janers

    yeah me too – I’m not much of a writer but I could throw some plot twists and jokes in every now and then. I reckon if all us typhos put our heads together we’d end up with something genius.


  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! If this is what the future of America is raving about, then something’s gone terribly wrong! What happened to the musicals some us grew up with like Grease! Now that was a great musical! Everything nowadays has been kiddy’d down.


  4. tiffers euphonious

    janers – i think we should get on that! :)

    morgan – i know! grease ruled and i’ll even throw rocky horror in there. damn disney and their desire to spread re-re kiddy cheesiness :(

    ugg – tears of joy my dear ugg. he hearts nessers so much, it’s tla (true love always!!)

    panders – ok, so i didn’t like it that much. granted i was a bit disctracted by the mini bar we set up at the theatre but i would have thought getting a little drunk would have loosened me up a bit. the movie was kind of bland and boring. and i will totes admit i liked the first one a lot. this one not so much :( but if you see it i’d like to know what you end up thinking!


  5. tiffers euphonious

    i love it miss world! grounding the kid for poor taste! :) i’ll keep my fingers crossed that just won’t find out about it.


  6. Tiffers he normally has brilliant taste in music & films HSM just seems to be a flaw in his system! Star Wars Clone Wars and Hellboy 2 are out soon so hopefully I can just distract him from the crapness of HSM with those ;)


  7. tiffers euphonious

    miss world – we all have our flaws, that’s for sure. i could name several of my tacky likes but it would be too embarassing! ;) hellboy was pretty decent (i love the guy who directed it) the dialogue was a little re-re but the monsters/characters were awesome! :) enjoy!


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