Damn It.


Okay, my laptop revolted against me and decided it didn’t want to work anymore.  Arsejole!  It was old, though.  Needless to say, I will not be posting in the immediate future.  Tiffers, Panders, and Janers may be able to.   Maybe not!  

I should be back within a week.  If not, oh well.  Sigh. It will have been nice to have known all you insanely hot wenches.  You know who you iz.  That includes someone who shall remain Anonymous. 

Cheers, all ye  slutcrackerz!



P.S.  That’s my boyphriend, Orlando Bloom up there!!  He’s so wonderful — I think.  Should photos surface of him and a dingo, he will cease to be wonderful.



11 thoughts on “Damn It.

  1. Poor Orlando

    Anners: I’m a little confused. If your laptop broke and you can’t post for a week, then how did you post this? Oh, it must be the magic that is Orlando.

    Anyway, my last post begged Whorley for some kind of announcement that he is making some kind of film sometime in the near future. Well, I guess you do get what you ask for because over the last couple of days sources have put him in three, count ’em three, movies all filming in the next 6 months (Iinfo from Delphi Forums – Orlando Bloom Discussion Forum and Orlando Bloom Web World Community):

    1. “The Great Ghost Rescue” in September
    2. “The Red Circle” in December
    3. “Fools Rush In” in January

    AND, they ALL star Liam Neeson and Orlando Bloom! Huh? Gee, just when I thought he had got himself untangled and was finally flying solo. At least he’s trading up. :-)


  2. SadieJo

    Bye-O Anners. Too bad you’re going cyberless just when Whorely is getting shag-able again. Hope this separation is short and painless. I am NOT a slutcracker, at least not on Wednesdays.

    Does OB look like he’s morphing into Mr. Bean in that last pic?


  3. joders

    Let’s get the crap news out of the way first. Rumour has it that (almost illegally hot) WHORElando is in NY as we speak (or at least winging his way there). Unless he tells the dingo that “it’s all over famewHOre, so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye, arrivederci, adieu, phuck off and phuck you” then I don’t think he’s wonderful anymore.

    It is also crap news about your laptop. I hope you are able to sort out the problem and that we will see you back very soon. I don’t want to hear any of this “oh well, it will have been nice to have known all you insanely hot wenches” rubbish. I was thinking that I would be knowing you for a little bit longer yet.

    I bow to the most insanely hot wench of all time.

    @ SadieJo – only if he gets his head stuck up a turkey’s arse.


  4. Ali-ers

    I’ll miss ya Anners! I know you’ll be back cuz you love us too much to leave us for too long.

    I want Oral and Ben Barnes to do a nude shower scene together! I will ask Santa ;)


  5. So I manage to log in for 5 minutes to learn that you’re not around? And the exact week I leave NYC Whorley is there?

    I’m gonna shoot myself.

    Anners, if you don’t come back I will have no reason to exist in the cyberworld. OK, that was a little dramatic, but you get me.


  6. Jennifer

    Aww, I get back from my momentary life and you’re leaving. You better come back.

    And what’s a slutcracker? Is it better than a Ritz?


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