gratuitous whorelando post

so my friend and i were talking about extras today (the awesome show that ricky gervais did) and how we were bummed that it’s not going to be on anymore. we were also talking about our favorite episodes and they included the ones with kate winslet, daniel radcliffe and orlando bloom! while i would assume that all of the dingo/cabbage head haters have seen this already i thought i would post it anyway as it’s hilarious. enjoy!

also! he’s recently been spotted in nyc per gawker stalker!:

Orlando Bloom

Park Ave S & 19th St

Aug 15th, 2008 @ 10am

Saw Orlando Bloom at a coffee shop on 19th between Park and Broadway. He looked casual in a gray t-shirt and had short hair as opposed to his signature long locks.


14 thoughts on “gratuitous whorelando post

  1. PoorOrlando

    Okay, here’s how geeky I am…. The inscription on the back of my IPOD says, “See the attractiveness….. Liar!” I absolutely love him when he says those lines. You can see his face and whole body change just before he says, “Liar.” I think he’s a great actor. Perhaps he’s just not had the best roles for him lately. He should try a comedy after the Sarajevo movie, or do one before it. Anything, PLEASE!

    I also love it when he asks her to kiss him and she says, “Noooooooo.” That is hilarious! Whenever I say no, I always say it that way now and then people look at me funny. It’s worth it.


  2. tina

    The Orlando bloom and the Daniel Radcliffe ones were my favorite too! Actually i started to sorta lik Orlando after seeing that epi. I thought it showed he could laugh at himself.


  3. The Daniel Radcliffe & David Bowie episodes were my faves, but this one is great too! Ricky Gervais is fecking hysterical, I loved the two stand up shows he did “Politics” and “Animals”.


  4. Ali-ers

    I love this episode! I totally think he can do comedy. Oral just stinks as a “serious” actor. But let him play an idiot or an ass and he’s brilliant :)


  5. SadieJo

    Thanks for going back to the old format. That new one was freaking me out.

    Wonder if Samantha Bloom allows herself the occasional pout because her brother is prettier than she is?


  6. tiffers euphonious

    jane – i so love how daniel messes with maggie. it’s so hilarious!

    poor orlando – the ipod thing is hilarious and i love that maggie part, too!

    tina – that’s what was so great about extras – the actors spoofing themselves :)

    miss world – the bowie one was great, too. i wish he would have been more involved in the episode but oh well.

    ali-ers – method actor. jajajaja!

    sadiejo – hahaha – it was a little different, wasn’t it?


  7. SadieJo

    One of the dingho’s re re’s just left another sighting on Gwaker Stalker. This time the Whore-man is on a Vespa with a superskinny dawg wearing “cute” boots. Not believing it one bit cuz whoever thinks those tired old brown boots are cute is clearly dilusional. Ding’s brother or mother probably called it in.

    But, on second thought, a blue-striped pajama wearing brit speaking man ho on a girly Vespa would probably garner attention even in NYC.. Why does she feel the need to Bobbit him in the press all the time??????????????????


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