Beautiful DingHo


Old photo from way back when.  One of the hot Delphi Forum girls posted a link to one of Orly and the dingo’s earlier fake pap shots and this one came up.   Baaaaaad profile, dingo.   Very very bad.  

So I have no news!   Whorelando is in New York (I think), and maybe the dingo is in New York, too.  I think she’s on vacation from her failed attempt at David Jones generated stardom.   Soo sad.  This slutbaby irks me and I’ll tell you why because we keep getting dingo trolls on the blog telling us that we’re jealous bytches because we can’t stand it that the dingo is making stick fires in various bedrooms with our errant and ungodly pretty boyfriend, Orlando Bloom.     

I’m soo not jealous of this skank!

Exhibit A:  Kate Bosworth  

She ephed my boyfriend for FOUR YEARS.  Do I want to punch her in the face as bad as I want to punch the dingo in her giant mandible region?  No! Did I ever?  No!  Kate’s beautiful, she seems to have a functioning brain and she has manners. 

Exhibit B:  Kate Moss

She’s a model.   Unlike Mirandingo, however, Kate didn’t rely on some MOVIE STAR boyfriend to gain entry into “the life”.   Bytch did it the old-fashioned way:  with her looks.  Hee!  


I’ve just shown that I have nothing against so-called “hot” bytches who used to shag my boyfriend or so-called “hot” bytches who pay their bills with their bodies. 

But I do have something against Gunnedah Hobags who have no manners, no dignity, and no ephing common sense.  I also have something against models who don’t EVEN KNOW HOW TO EPHING MODEL.  She walks like a giraffe with a broken leg.  Seriously.  Also, who the BLOODY HELL smiles like they’re in some deranged local and dumbass beauty pageant when they’re modeling clothes on the runway?

So yeah, she’s a crappy model.

Another reason why she irks me is the very simple fact that she was born.  May her mother go to hell for bringing this demon into the world.

Note to Orlando Bloom:  This is your chance to impress us, lover!   Think about it.  You’re in New York; the dingo is in New York (supposedly).  How about you either not get caught by the paps with the dingo or how about you get caught with the paps with an actual human being like Kiki Dunst (maybe I’m stretching it)  or something.   Think it over.  

Seriously, Orlando, where is your pride?  Most people don’t like being SUCKERED into things and made a supreme foolio.  The dingo is PLAYING your arse like a fiddle.  Coyly, of course.  The dingo does everything ‘coyly’. 

* I think I’m done with this.   Just watch, pap shots will surface tomorrow or something.  If they do, I am TOTES never POSTING ON ORLY AGAIN.  Never Ever Ever!


13 thoughts on “Beautiful DingHo

  1. Janers

    It’s impossible to hate on Boz even if she seems like a bit of a tool sometimes. She’s not intimidating and doesn’t act dumb.

    The Dingo on the other hand always tries to be overtly sexy – this is intimidating to other women and makes her seem skanky. She also acts dumb – which is embarrassing to other women (esp us Aussie girls).

    Kate Moss seems a bit scary.


  2. Bozzers isn’t dumb. She got in to Princeton or Harvard or Columbia or one of those other Ivy League colleges. She didn’t go, but at least she got in.

    And I’m with Janers re: the dingo. She makes other Aussie girls look dumb and vacuous. I’m not dumb or vacuous. Most of the time. Except for that nervous tic and the occasional obsessive behaviour relating to Whorelando Bloom.

    Anners, I find it hard to believe that you’ll never post on Whorely again if there are more pap shots.


  3. icky poo

    Anners, Are you saying you really have people posting to the blog that you are a jealous bytch for what is said? I haven’t seen them posted but maybe you just don’t let them through.
    I ask because that sounds like the dingho and friends.
    Don’t worry Anners, I think she stopped phucking orli a long time ago.


  4. glamma_puss

    Yeah Anners I don’t believe you either. You once said that Barnesy was going to replace him as supreme oui oui on this blog but it never happened, so I had to resort to stalking his sessy ass all over the net. Unlike your boyphriend, my boyphriend has a job which means no pap shots or fake, dumb, greasy, re-re, wax vegetable-looking girlfriends for me to obsess over. I’m sorry, what was the question again?


  5. icky poo: Oh, I let them through all right. Check posts on the dingo. They are my favorite things ever. Except some tool came here two seconds after I did this post and posted some silly link about the dingo planning to retire in 10 years on a dingo farm. That shit got deleted.

    * Believe me people! I’m serious!


  6. Lu

    I’m usually a lurker but just had to comment on this because I find it funny.

    Okay, so every Sunday when I wake up I always get some coffee to drink while reading a magazine that is weekly delivered with the newspaper, and yesterday the first face my sleepy eyes saw on that so said magazine was a Cabbage Patch faced dingo. Holy crap. I mean, I don’t dig Orlando like you guys, but I don’t like Miranda and her happy cheerleader looks. And there she was, standing in front of the other models and waving to the camera, holding the designer’s hand and playing to be important (she may be now, but not too much and not for too long).

    I think the fashion event was held in Sidney, and it was probably long ago, since I live in one forgotten corner of Mexico where news are always late. Whateverz…

    Latters, guys :)


  7. IcarusMalfoy

    “She walks like a giraffe with a broken leg. Seriously.”

    I LOL’d so hard.

    I also adore the term ‘slutbaby’, that’s great. And I used to like Orlando, now I think he needs a good punch in the face for all this crap, the Dingho too (she can have a couple of punches).


  8. pegs223

    We may be in luck and no pap fest. Seems she is in NY and he is in the UK. Please, let it stay that way for a very long time.


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