boo ephing hoo

so, as some of you may have heard, madonna turned 50 this weekend. i know i’m one of the few slags who digs her around these parts. however, i can’t stand it when anyone is an ungrateful whiny bitch!

it all started with an extravagant private $200,000 party thrown in her honor. next, guy’s presents to her included a matching diamond necklace and earring set by bulgari valued at approximately $500,000 and a $900,000 commissioned portrait of the missus by banksy (not of the cola variety!) then whilst at the shindig madge decided she wanted to say a few words. per aol: In a 40-minute speech, she thanked Guy, Lourdes, eight-year-old son Rocco, and adopted son David, two, before adding: “I’m really disappointed. There are a lot of people who are not here tonight, but thanks to everyone who did make it.” in which she declared that she was disappointed because some of her close friends didn’t show up.

seriously? she absolutely needed to make that statement? she gets the party of a lifetime, one of a kind presents and more than likely many of her friends and family are there and all she can think about is that she’s really disappointed that some of her friends *cough* gwyneth and stella *cough* weren’t able to be there? i think someone needs a bitch slap right about now!


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