Uglyness Deyn Has A Cute Bike

Agyness Deyn

I think she’s engaged to Albert Hammond, Jr. of The Strokes.   That’s cool beans I guess.  I never cared about him until he started getting jiggy with Uglyness, though.  He has great hair. 

Peep her boots!


Agyness Deyn


17 thoughts on “Uglyness Deyn Has A Cute Bike

  1. From side on her outfit, including the boots looked cool. From the front it looks awful.

    The bike is cute. Looks like a WWII pushbike.

    Doesn’t the drummer from The Strokes have wild curls too? The dude who used to date Drew Barrymore a few years ago? Fab something? Or am I just confused?


  2. Joders I thought exactly the same about the outfit, fab from the side but from the front it makes me want to vomit. And Fab does have wild curls too, you’re not confused :)


  3. Mala

    um… why? those bootz be not fair to the sanctity of mine eyes.

    (yep, i’m back, though not on my site for a while… missed you all terribly, got some catching up to do. was under-the-weather for a long while but current prognosis: mala be returning to the talking of shit online YAY!!!)


  4. stella

    i want those marc jacobs boots so bad.. i’m wiilling to give up my unborn child for them!
    any takers?…


  5. tiffers euphonious

    did she do a change of the boots, though? they don’t look the same in both pics. however, i covet them both and will also offer a first born along with stella ;)


  6. stella

    so that means those boots have finally hit the stores?
    fuck i need to make it down to l.a. and scoop em up before the whole cast of the hills do. i fucking hate those sluts. actually, i envy those sluts. sluts!


  7. tiffers euphonious

    thanks anners. looks like i am going to soho tomorrow!!! stella – want me to buy a pair for you, too, and then we can be twinners at radiohead? :P


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