The evil genius strikes again

This is the latest from out favourite Boz impersonater:

“What does it mean when The Gay Boy refers to flying off to new York City to see Miranda Kerr as “a prior contractual obligation?” It means, Randa Mae (*pukes*), that you can ply a gay boy with matching pink and blue pinstriped pj’s (How old are you? 12? Honestly. *rolls eyes*) but you can’t make him behave. It means that once he is done with you, even if he isn’t officially done with you, he is done with you and Randy, he is done with you. There will be no option to renew and you better stick to the confidentiality agreement because Robin is powerful enough to make sure that your dingo self never works in the US again and I know how badly things are going for you on the David Jones front.”

She/he said Dingo! Does the evil genius visit Blogsworth? If so leave us a commie and keep up the hilarious posts.



21 thoughts on “The evil genius strikes again

  1. Peekaboo, I wonder why you keep leaving comments? We’re pathetic and in need of medical help. So WHY KEEP COMING HERE? Why dwell amongst crazy, pathetic people (who by the way are fairly obviously joking)? Surely you must have something better to do?


  2. Janers

    Why do we need medical care? Peekaboo I think it is u that needs medical care – go get your doctor to prescribe you a large dose of sense of humour pills. You’re in need of them.


  3. Ducati

    The dingo was spotted with Orlando in NYC. Anners please control your boyfriend and stop letting him go out with the dingo. Tell him to do all those movies so he can be looked at has an actor not a foolish tool who does paps set ups with a silly panty model.
    Evil yes………genius no……..jane 121 that was an insulted to smart people.


  4. I’m working on giving him his comeuppance at this very moment, Ducati!

    Oh, and is totes genius.


    April 29th, 2008
    4/29/08 08:42 pm

    Will Turner has been dragged DOWN UNDER to the murky, hellish depths of DAVID JONES’ locker by the evil, ugly (uuuugleeeee!) kracken!! Let’s hope he can find a loophole in the contract before he is forced to cut out his heart and store it in a kangaroo pouch just so that he can get his own press once every 10 years!!


  5. jane121

    Well call him/her the evil genius. Agreed this wasn’t his/her best work (I’m not quite sure what they’re talking about) but most of the them are hilarious (like the one Anners just posted. It’s exciting that they used the word dingo – Blogsworth lingo is spreading over the internets.


  6. SadieJo

    Hey Peek! Yes, I could use some medical care, too Pssst. got any? I find myself longing for a nice pharmaceutical cocktail. Organics are proving not strong enough to counter the pain of constantly being misunderstood. You know the feeling, I’m sure… to keep your head when all around you are losing theirs….etc.

    I’m not sure how Anna survives, this place being one of the few sane voices in an Orlando world gone crazy and all. I mean I was shocked that people actually believe Orlando loves thiat panty model girl. Can you even imagine? Thank pfuck we’ve got Anna and the others here to speak the truth and all.


  7. Ali-ers

    Anners and Janers – I had an excited a few minutes ago!
    No, I didn’t poop my pants…
    But glamma_puss totally called him Oral on JJ! I call him Oral! And/or Oral B. This is exciting!
    I am a nerd.


  8. Peekaboo, it takes a special sort of person to be admitted to the insane assylum that is Kate Blogsworth. Clearly you aren’t it. And since we’re all in need of medical assistance, why do you waste your time coming here? Why do you find it necessary to bait crazy people? You’re obviously not going to get a sane response from insane people.

    If you’re not enjoying the party I suggest you simply go home and let the rest of us enjoy ourselves.

    As for Evil Genius, it seems pretty obvious that she has been hanging out at a lot of the OB boards.


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