Happy Birthday, Prince Lesbian!

Hey, it’s my obedient boyphriend’s birthday!   Hearts!   See Orlando, you get treated with may more respect on this blog when you don’t SHAG DINGOES.   I think Ben is 27 today.   God Bless his parents for birthing his hotness.

P.S.  Nice to have known you, Whorelando Bloom.  Meet your replacement!



19 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Prince Lesbian!

  1. glamma_puss

    Dear Anners,

    Next time warn us, ok? You almost gave this unsuspecting little slut a coronary! And some peen pics of this guy would be nice, too. His man-berries are just as impressive as his face.




  2. Poor Orlando

    Yay! Number Two has just become Number One! I can’t even find anything on this sweet young thing to make fun of. He wears a scarf with a trenchcoat and a leather jacket with shades. Sexy! He even has gorgeous long brown hair to match his gorgeous hypnotizing brown eyes. What else could I ask for? And that smile, OMG! I feel dizzy.

    Orlando who?

    Happy Birthday, Ben, and welcome to your new life!


  3. Ali-ers

    Have you guys seen Bigga Than Ben ? You can watch the whole thing on youtube. His Russian accent is hotness. And I don’t want to spoil it or anything – but there is a scene where he gets really pissed off and mad-as-hell…. woo-hoo.


  4. IcarusMalfoy

    He’s so hot. He’s the only reason I even watched Prince Caspian. Guh…

    And just think, Orlando used to be that hot, and now look at him. Let’s hope Ben doesn’t do something equally as stupid as dating a dingho when he’s 30/31.

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  5. Kellers, you had to have been struck by Whorelando since day one to understand why we are caught up in this lame vortex. It’s like bad crack.

    glamma_puss: You ought to know that a post with Prince Lez is going to be full of greatness. Your own phault!!

    Hi IcarusMalfoy! The Fall of Icarus? From whence comes your name? Me likey. Ben better not play with dingoes. I will bust his head.

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  6. Ben, Ben, Ben. Better buckle yourself in for the ride of a lifetime as the gentleman patron of this blog. You won’t know what hit you baby!

    Does this mean that I’ve gotta start Ben Barnes phiction now? That’s damn near impossible because he doesn’t really have much that I can make phun of and I don’t know too much about him (except that he’s beautiful of course).

    And if Ben starts playing with dingos, after Anners has busted his head, I’ll stick a stiletto heel right through the palm of his hands.

    Happy Birthday Ben.

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  7. Ducati

    Anners, I made the mistake to read your comment at work, I have a feeling that I may get reported to HR. Lame vortex……….bad crack ………I understand, I wish there is something we can do to help free him from the dingo.
    Ben is hot!


  8. Ali-ers

    glamma_puss! Yessssss! He can totes beat the crap out of a chair like no one’s business. And the scene right before that when he’s all pissed and yelling at that drug dealer. Oooh baby!
    Can I over-share here for a moment? I totally dream Ben says to me in his Russian accent, “I want to make f*ck with you, Ali-ers”. hee


  9. I want Ben to say that to me too, Ali-ers. Except I want him to say my name instead of yours.

    Joders! Jajajajajajaja! — “And if Ben starts playing with dingos, after Anners has busted his head, I’ll stick a stiletto heel right through the palm of his hands.” You kill me. :)

    I hope you don’t get phired, Ducati.


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