shag or guacala for zu!

the lovely and fabu zu brought to my attention a great band named kashmir a few days ago. zu linked to a ton of different stuff by them here in one of her comments so take a looky/listen loo. i personally like ophelia best!

anyway, she wants her shag to have a moment in the sunshine so here he is! kasper eistrup is his name. you can check out additional pics below. so does this rock n roller float your boat or not so much?


10 thoughts on “shag or guacala for zu!

  1. Ugg

    hahahhahahha. you two are mean. i think he looks adorable in the last pic. if that’s him in the black jacket. aaw. of corse i will shag him. hahahha. i think i’ve said SHAG to everyone else anyway.


  2. haha, I think is the cigar girls, but I find him sexy as fucking hell, and he´s not really that old, 34… oh well… at least you could listen to the music, he´s a great musician…

    Ugg!! thanks for your support.. although it sounds like you shag anything, hahaha.. but he´s cute… I think… have you seen Kashmir live? I mean, I guess there´s more probabilities you have seen him in Norway than me in Mexico :-/

    oh, and for me is SHAG, SHAG, SHAG, SHAG, some rest and food, shag, shag, shag, some make fun of paul banks, shag, shag, shag, some talking about art, shag, shag, shag, some danish jokes, shag, shag, shag, we are not tired yet, shag shag shag shag shag shag shag shag shag shag…. :-p


  3. tiffers euphonious

    awww – poor kasper! i like him in the last two pics but i’m not sure he’s a total shag for me.

    however, given that he is a rock star that may change my mind ;) hope you enjoyed it zu!!! :)
    ugg – you are hilarious with your courtesy shag!


  4. OH WELL!!!! at least he had his moment in the light! hahah.. thanks dear tiffers!!! I dont think he´s the cuttest or anything but I find him sexy cause he´s talented and seems very smart…

    but thank you! I enjoyed inmensenly… I hope you have received my e-mail and can download the songs and all that… ;-) If not, well, let me know…


  5. tiffers euphonious

    zu – you are of course welcome! and i did get the music! sorry, i’ve been a little crazy and traveling but hopefully i will have a couple days of peace to listen to the music. thanks so much and i’ll get something out to you soon!!! :)

    konst – i think that boy looks better in the last pic but that’s just me! :P


  6. oh no problem tiffers!! I was just wondering cause sometimes people dont receive my emails, but take your time, and I do hope you like the music… they are not easy so listen to them at least a couple of times, speciallly zitilites…



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