the lost boys 3 – say wha?

i absolutely adored the lost boys when i was an overly hormonal pre-teen lover of the coreys (haim and feldman for the uninitiated!) so when my friend told me that he had just seen the lost boys 2 – the tribe, i was in shock! i didn’t have any idea that it was made (sadly, it was released direct to dvd) and that corey feldman reprised his role as edgar frog. hilarious!!!

apparently, they are working on the lost boys 3 because lost boys 2 did very well. and both coreys will be reprising their roles this go around (along with the other boy who played the other frog brother – see in pic above). for more info on the movie, click here.

below are the trailers for the initial lost boys movie and for the lost boys 2:


14 thoughts on “the lost boys 3 – say wha?

  1. This brings back memories of young Hollywood circa 1987. The Coreys, River Phoenix, Wil Wheaton, Kirk Cameron, Ricky Schroeder et al (okay, I know I’m showing my age now). Ah, good times. I wonder if The Lost Boys – The Tribe will recreate that same magic? Here’s hoping!


  2. OMFG! This was (still is in fact!) one of my fave movies! I was a lover of the two Coreys too, although I think I loved Feldman slight more than Haim. I might give Lost Boys 2 a go, but I doubt it will match the fandabydozyness that is The Lost Boys :)

    Joders I hearted River Phoenix so much when I was younger.


  3. Ali-ers

    I haven’t seen part 2 yet. I was thinking it might suck and tarnish my love of the first one. But I will check it out ;)
    When I was young I thought Corey H. was hotter than Corey F. Now Corey H. is just a shell of his former self :(


  4. You have no idea how much I loved the original Lost Boys movie!!! I also had a huge crush on Corey Haim who, btw, is totes fug now (how’d that happen?). And, I was obsessed with Star & once even bought a skirt like she wears in the movie. hahahaha

    Joders & Miss World – I was over the moon about River Phoenix. I loved everything about him. I cried for 2 days when he died.

    I’m scared to watch anything other than the original Lost Boys. I may have to skip these. If you see them, let us know how they are, Tiff! You’ve got me curious now!


  5. Ali-ers

    Morgan – Corey H. is tres fugly now. I think he rested on his laurels too much and figured he’d always be a teen hearthrob. Tis not true Corey!!!!

    Did you guys see where Corey H. was all crying because he wasn’t asked to be in this Lost Boys remake? It was on the 2 Coreys TV show like a year and a half ago. I never really watched that show, but I was flipping through the channels and there was Corey Haim crying to Corey Feldman about the Lost Boys. I laughed my ass off!!!! :D


  6. Miss World

    Ali, know what you mean about the tarnishing part, but I loves Lost Boys so much it would take a lot to put me off it.

    Morgan I was totes obsessed with Star too! And I cried like a baby when River died. Such a loss.

    Corey Haim is totally fug now & he used to be such a cutie-pie, tis a shame. I must have seen the fug coming which is why I stuck with Feldman ;)


  7. tiffers euphonious

    joders – you named a majority of the boys that graced my walls courtesy of bop, tiger beat, etc. i hope it rocks, too!

    miss world – it’s still one of my fave’s, too. my little brother bought it for me in fact to upgrade from my old vhs tape. hahaha!

    ali-ers – completely agree! corey h was so hot back in the day. i had no idea he was wall crying about not being asked to do lb2. that is so ephing retarded! i want to see it!

    morgan – i totally loved star, too. i think i probably went around for like a week trying to get my friends to call me that. aww wasted youth! :P i’ll so let you know what i think after i see it. my friend said he liked it a lot but if there were lots of hot boys in it then that’s not surprising!

    jaded – i liked kiefer, too. he was all scary and crazy and sexy and mysterious :)

    daners – the 80s so ruled!


  8. I too preferred Corey H to Corey F. Apparently much of Corey H’s fugliness can be attributed to his drug use through the late 80’s and early 90’s. It caused the weight gain but it also led to a mild stroke which affected his speach patterns.

    I still remember the news report about River Phoenix when he died. And I cried too. That was such a sad day. And such a waste of a promising young life. Hard to believe he would have been 38 just a few days ago.


  9. jaded4good

    I know, Joders. Such a tragedy. I still find myself expecting to see Heath Ledger papped. These sudden tragedies at such a young age take ages to sink in.


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