gossip girl sneak peak and two other tawdry tidbits!

we are a mere 5 days away from the season premiere of gossip girl next week!

what i have for you leading up to this salaciously sassy event are the following three things:

1. an interview with austin powers cola tramposa about how cool, down to earth and not gay he really is (he can call me baby anytime!) :P

2. josh schwartz (the creator) quoted talking about how he’s bitter with the way that the cw have gone about advertising the show (which i happen to think is hilarious and pure genious!) whatevs!

3. a sneak peek of the season opener next week (below).

enjoy! until next monday – xoxo!


18 thoughts on “gossip girl sneak peak and two other tawdry tidbits!

  1. Ugg

    i have seen one little promo, is this the long one? i want to wait, IT’S ONLY A FEW DAYS AHHHHHHHH. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  2. Ugg

    i hope this season is all about chuck and blair!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    no serena and no uglydan, not together or apart! hahahhaha
    or serena can be there, but i hope she’s not that annoying. she prob isn’t when she’s not with DAN. ughhhhhhhhhh. oh and nate!!!!!!!<3 he can do whatever he wants


    I was TOO SCARED TO WATCH the video that was posted on ONTD with like the first 5 minutes of the show! I didn’t want to ruin it! Is this the same video?
    Please, please, please Tiffers, start posting GG stuffs on the regular! We need more Chuck Bass in our lives!!!!!!! <3


  4. tiffers euphonious

    anners – you can start watching this season. unless it’s totes something you are sooo not in to! :) yes i am leaving in a few hours for my second leg of my journey! hopefully i’ll get to meet up with stella tonight!

    panders – of course!

    ugg – me, too!!! this is not that long promo, this is one that’s a little more focused on chuck and blair so that’s why i picked it!!!! no uglydan, i LOVE it!!! i know, maybe she’ll start messing around with chuck and that will flare up the whole b and s rivalry. a girl can dream! :P

    morgan – you are so good holding out! the ontd one about 2 mins was a recap of last year and it wasn’t too exciting. the clip i posted is waaaaaaaay better! and i will absolutely post as much gg as you all can stand!!! who doesn’t need more chuck in their lives? ;)


  5. tiffers euphonious

    totally missy! sorry, i thought i sent you an email yesterday but my re-re ass didn’t! i’m at the airport now on my way and i sent you an email on myspace with my contact info. i get in around 3 so talk to you then or later on! WOOT! RADIOHEAD!!!! :)


  6. stella

    tiffers was the coolest! i met up with her after the show and have plans to meet up with her again when i head to nyc next weekend. i love meeting peeps off this blog. we should like organize some sort of union or party of sorts for us crazy cats on here.. that would be epic! hahaha
    oh and radiohead was AMAAAAAAAZZZZING!


  7. tiffers euphonious

    miss world – totally watch it. you will heart it i promise!

    stella – you were so freaking adorable and awesome! i can’t wait to catch back up when you are in nyc! there are no wienerschnitzels there so we will have to figure out somewhere else to meet up :P and i agree! a meet up would be so super uber fabu!!!

    anners – radiohead were so spectacular! thom yorke so endeared himself to me last night. he’s just such an amazing front man!

    konst – hahahahaha :)


  8. stella

    no weinerschnitzels in nyc?! wtf.. i guess i’m not going then.. haha joking.. how about Nathans? hahahahaaaa
    and although i couldnt see thom from where i was standing ( and what was up with the big screens not showing him every once in awhile, it seemed that it was mostly on the drummer…), i totally felt his energy. wow, still high off that concert!

    and if a union ever happened we should all wear our mole patrol shirts! hehee


  9. stella

    oh and anners, i’m surprised you didnt get your phine arse down to the meadowlands outing in san fran. my friend just stood outside and could hear em just phine.


  10. tiffers euphonious

    stella – i know, it’s very disappointing ;) we will find some kind of hot dog stand come hell or high water!!! and i was a little irritated with the big screen thing, too. although i loved it in the encore when he was holding the camera right up to his eye/face. that was funny! and then he screwed up – awesome! so cute!

    konst – that would be awesome! i’ll ask anners to make one for me :)


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