Katers and Jamers!

Yay!   Our blog patroness has shown herself for the second whole time in six months!   Here’s Katers and le boyfriend, Jamers “I’m related to a philosopher” Rousseau out in L.A. trolling for blow.  Just kidding!   Katers’ scarf is tightness!   Jamers is a little bit country, which is odd, because he’s a Brit.  He’s either looking amish or country.  Both of which are the shiz.



More pics at the Source.


10 thoughts on “Katers and Jamers!

  1. Mebbeh he’s trying to channel Keith Urban? And Katers has a bit of Nicole about her in the 2nd pic. They must be out on the town for their quarterly pap fest.


  2. Kellers Pontificus Erroneous

    Shag! Oops, wrong post – Bozzers is amusing but I prefer her arm candy. :) And he has an awesome phucking name.


  3. anywho

    Im glad Kate has a good career so far and is a working actress. she is doing a lot better than her EX. Man OB been effin up to much to forgive him. All he does now is papfests with cabbage girl. Thats all he is now a handbag tool for a dlist slut model with no modeling career. This prob the last papfest of the moth until late next moth of course.


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