Shag or Gag?

Shag or gag? time again.  It be Norman Reedus




26 thoughts on “Shag or Gag?

  1. Ali-ers

    Shag!!!! Yay! Anners- I’m excited you put Norman up here!
    Although I have to say 8 or so years ago I’d’ve shagged him just for his looks. Now that his looks are beginning to fade (too many ciggies), I’d shag him for his mind ;)
    It’s a win-win situation!


  2. Ali-ers

    ^ I’ll let that slide, just this once ;) hahahaaha
    Actually I don’t have a problem sharing my fantasy men. Just the real one. Which is why none of you will ever get to meet him. heee.
    Just kidding.


  3. D. Solrac

    Shag. It’s unreal how Banksy like he is. Wow. Look at poor Helena in her early 30s, age has really taken it’s toll. That would be so depressing.


  4. Ugg

    hhahahahhaha banks twin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wonder if he meets him alot when he pics up mingus and they are like woahhhh awkward she sure has a type hahahahah
    i would be pissed off , i would NOT feel special if i was norman, like she was only after his looks or something, and that he is TWO OF A KIND and an easy replacement AND that maybe she did it to PISS him of.. and if i was paul i would be pissed because it’s weird and creepy and she is still in love with her ex or whatever, and she found his identicle twin ew


  5. Lola

    Having a type doesn’t mean you don’t think someone is special. It’s just a look you’re attracted to. Why all the hatin’ on Helena? She & Norm have a son together that they both love. Maybe they are mature adults who have moved on with their lives and maintain a friendship w/ mutual respect? Ahhh but that would be so boring to write or speculate about. And as far as crackin’ on their looks take a look in the mirror. How would you like it if everyone turned the magnifying glass on your looks and your life? The fact is they are both attracting the hotties and seem to be happy in their lives so they’re doing something right. Jackals…


  6. @anners
    i guess she didn’t notice this isn’t the place for “depth-filled pontificating”
    “please go away”
    oh lord

    has the fuckin hiccups now… thanks a lot anners


  7. Lola, dear, you are in the wrong place…. the “we have major sticks up in our arses and have to take everything seriously” kind of people is in the MSB forum… Two clicks to the left and there you are…

    and gag… not my type really… I think Kasper looks much better than this guy :-P, plus the whole “I look like the ex of my cougar” thing is kinda creepy…


  8. Ali-ers

    Kickers – I know what you mean! He’s been in a bunch of independent (not very good) movies that you have to dig around on netflix to even find. I’m waiting for Boondock Saints 2 to come out! Although I’m a little worried that he and Sean P F are going to be lookin’ a bit long in the tooth this time around. But I figure if I go see it drunk it’ll be okay :)


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