This Is Not Tina Fey

Sarah Palin is John McCain’s last ditch attempt to limp his way into the white house.  He’s a right greedy bytch, by the way!  Doesn’t he already have like seven GD houses?   The White House will be his eighth property.

John McCain is the great great great great great grandson of Cain, the son of Adam, who killed his brother, Abel in the Bible.  Hence the ‘cain’ in his last name.  He’s just that old! I don’t know where the ‘MC’ part comes from.  Nor do I care!   

I like how his vice president choice looks like a rabid human resource manager from Macy’s circa 1993.  I’d probably have more faith in her qualifications if she had been plucked from department store human resource obscurity.   Governor of Alasska, huh?   That’s the “experience” that makes one fit for the highest office in the land?  That’s like saying you were head bytch at your high school newspaper and thus, you’re ready to rule the New York Times.



35 thoughts on “This Is Not Tina Fey

  1. Kellers Pontificus Erroneous

    I heart Bill Maher also – he’s the voice of reason most of the time. I love how he called bullshit on John Edwards getting kicked out of the dem convention.

    McCain is a sinking ship, and you can see it written all over his face. He knows he’s just going thru the motions but he’s going to lose BIG. Do you think Palin was his first choice – that better VP candidates didn’t want to run on a sure-to-lose ticket?

    At this point McCain looks like the one the republicans chose to throw under the wagon wheels. Pardon all the metaphors, it’s Saturday.


  2. tina

    What scares me the most is the thought that people will like Palin. I am on a BB for women that had babies in April 2004 and there was this thread jsut in awe that McCain had picked a woman and they were jsut so excited!! UGH!!! I mean coudl he have picked a less qualified woman?? But they didnt care they jsut thought it was the greatest thing ever.

    I do have to say I did agree with the NPR lady that Bill’s stewardess comment was out of line, but otherwise he is rigth on point!

    I have to admit that I was VERY disappointed in Edwards, but you know the way that Bill summed it up really put it all in perspective for me and I wish he coudl have been included in some way.


  3. Doesn’t ‘Mc’ mean son of?

    Not that it means anything coz I don’t get to vote in the US elections, but I don’t like this woman or anything that she stands for.

    Lets just hope that the US remembers how Bush has screwed the country and the people and America casts its vote responsibly.


  4. This woman might just be the anti-Christ.

    I beleive McCain is looking for those Democrats who wanted Hil-Rod as the Dem-Nom.

    She was a dumb choice. She should go back to the whitest white people state of all the white people states and go back to allowing beautiful nature things to be destroyed in the name of the almighty dollar.

    Don’t ask why I have an irrational hate for Alaska. But I do. And if I offended anyone, sorry.

    I hate that they describe her as a Christian hockey mom. Really? I know she must have the word Christian thrown in there somewhere for her to be fully accepted by the Elisabth Hasselbecks of the world, but hockey mom. That’s the first thing I read about her. How about start off with telling my some governory things she’s done. Or reasons why McaCain picked her creepy ass. I see nowhere in any bios about menfolk that they are soccer dads so I don’t give two shits about her being a hockey mom.

    Sorry, end rant. If none of that made any sense, remember I haven’t eaten a decent meal in a week, nor have I gotten an adequate amount of rest due to the fact my job is pointless and soulsucking and I missed my deadline for my book.


  5. OMG LOLZ! Fox News! “She does know about international relations because she’s in Alaska right up there next to Russia” Oh, Fox News, you make me laugh you crazy news network you.

    I want to punch her in the throat after listening to her talk.

    My love for Jon Stewart knows no bounds


  6. tina

    “She does know about international relations because she’s in Alaska right up there next to Russia”

    That sounds liek some dumbass thing W woudl say.

    My husband has had to go to Alaska 3 times in the past 1.5 yrs and work with the State up there and no one has said anything nice about her to him and this was before she was picked as a running mate


  7. At first I wondered why the bunny’s hair was all fuzzy. Then I read the caption. Then I laughed. Loudly. And then I snorted – a fair indication that I’m highly amused.

    It kinda reminds me of the ads for the sanitary products with the cute little beaver.


  8. Ali-ers

    I h8te fOX news! I know I am preaching to the converted here. But I just had to say it. I scream it off mountain tops (or at least small hills).
    I HATE FOX NEWS! I won’t allow that shit to be turned on in my house.

    Oh and that pic Janers put up is hilarious :D


  9. Ali-ers

    ^ Woah! That’s some crazy shit glamma_puss. I’m still not entirely 100% convinced that it’s not her kid, but that article does raise some good points. What a scandal if it is true!


  10. Kellers Pontificus Erroneous

    that lil teenager is preggers in that pic. is there any doubt?

    daners is right – she scares me


  11. Ali-ers

    I read the follow up story and it had a pic of what Sarah looked like preggers with one of her kids. She got big. So now I am starting to think this might be true – just because a woman wouldn’t be that big with one pregnancy and then all tiny with her next.
    Plus the set of pics of the teen daughter with the baby seem very telling – like a mom holding her baby.
    I wasn’t sure from those first pics of the teen’s belly that she was preggers since some people just have tummys that stick out. But now I really think it could true.
    Is it wrong that I am so intrigued by this story?!


  12. glamma_puss

    Please know I’m not stating this rumor as fact. I posted that link because it seriously made me question her honesty and her judgment. If the child is hers, I think she has a few screws loose to compromise the safety of her unborn child by making a cross country journey so that the child will be born in her home state. I don’t know a mother out there who would have done the same under those conditions. If in fact the child is her grandson, then how dare she make her daughter hide and feel like an abomination just to push her pro-life, pro-abstinence, anti- birth control stance that has failed her own daughter in the first place. The idea of this woman having anything to do with how our country is run terrifies me.

    I hope I didn’t offend anyone by posting that link. And for the sake of those children, I hope that this rumor is not true.


  13. jaded4good

    Ali-ers, non pregnant teens have bellies like that, what gives a pregnancy away is the presence of a bunch of other symptoms too, like boobies, skin, hair, ankles, etc. There are more signs of a woman expecting.
    Me, I don’t know whether the story is true or not, but I agree with glamma_puss, no matter which case, the woman is a lunatic to put it mildly. Not running to the ambulance after one’s water is broke can KILL THE BABY because the water flowing out can carry the cord to a position through the, khm, hole, and then the baby’s weight on it will squeeze it and make it impossible for anything to be carried in the cord, so no circulation, no oxygen, no nothing. And the baby dies, after nine months of problem free pregnancy. VERY irresponsible behaviour. (Hope I described that right, my medical English is not flawless.)

    And if the baby isn’t hers, then her daughter is a nutjob, because it would mean that she got knocked up right after giving birth. This is worse than Britney.


  14. Ali-ers

    Um Jaded, I know that. I’ve had a kid. But thanks for informing me of the signs of a woman expecting ;)
    If you read what I wrote I said, “I wasn’t sure from those first pics of the teen’s belly that she was preggers since some people just have tummys that stick out.”


  15. jaded4good

    Nevermind, mine sounded more popular-science-like than I meant it, wasn’t directed at only you but all that might read here, so we’re even. ;)


  16. Ali-ers

    ^ Yay! See how good we are at diplomacy?
    Sarah Palin are you paying attention? Jaded and I are apparently more experienced at conducting foreign policy affairs than you are! :D


  17. But she’s by teh Russia! And they had teh Commiez!! And teh Mr. Bean lookalike president and teh puppet master Putin!! Dude, she was the one with the finger on the button!! Cause Russia is like right there!!!!! Don’t you see?! She knows all about teh Russianz!

    Oh, and her daughter is preggers, but lets be nice but, oh wait, didn’t the Republics rag on “perfect uber-child” Chelsea Clinton because she was too ugly! ZOMG!

    But teh Russianz! Russianz=Bad, don’t you know.

    Dude, she’s like a female Ann Coulter.


  18. what makes me sad is that if the pregnant kid was Mr. Obama’s, the conservatives would be calling her all sorts of names and offended as hell that she had premarital sex and crazy stuff like that… now they are using it as if the kid was some sort of Virgin Mary who is almost a saint for not having an abortion… like all those evil democrats would have.

    I just think this lady is a hypocrite, that’s all.

    There go my two cents.


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