Shag or Gag?

At the request of Ali-ers, I present a shag or gag? on Jim Morrison.   I love him.  So Mr. Mojo Risin is quite dead (or maybe not!), and all, but it’s not like any of these shag or gags are possible anyway.   Sorry to break it you peoples… 

Jimbo wrote some awesome poetry, BTW. 

One more thing!  People need to start scanning in images from Jim Morrison/Doors books onto the web because there are basically just really crappy pictures of Jim to choose from.    

 Break on through to the other side:



24 thoughts on “Shag or Gag?

  1. Ali-ers

    ^ Oh, there it is!

    Yay!!! I’m so happy you shagged or gagged him! :) He is a shag-o-rama!!!!
    Jim’s leather pants FTW!!!


  2. I once would have said gag, but I must say shag at this point. He is Jim, after all.

    Mr. Rizzuto went to France once and the only thing about that trip he ever talks about is seeing Jim’s grave.


  3. gag after gag, for me he has always been a drug addict with pretentious writting and smelly ass….

    Although I support the possbility of him faking his dead. I had a friend who loved him and after she lent me one of his biographies, I was completely convinced…


  4. No, you just seem like a free spirit, Ali-ers.

    Zu! How could you say that? I think this is my favorite poem ever:

    I am troubled
    By your eyes
    I am struck
    By the feather
    Of your soft
    The sound of glass
    Speaks quick
    And conceals
    What your eyes fight
    To explain

    * He did smell, though. I’ll concede that point. Also “Love Street” is the cutest song evers!


  5. Shag! Jim’s a sexy bitch of a man.

    Allers & Ali-ers I’d shag Kurt! Fecking loved that man. The whole “Seattle Scene” produced loads of shaggable front men.

    Also Jeff Buckley deserves a shag or gag too.


  6. Shag, but he’d have to scrub his oui oui first.
    Agree with Miss World about Jeff Buckley, he was the gorgeousness.
    I also used to really like Josh Homme of QOTSA…..(runs and hides.)


  7. Ali-ers

    This is going to sound very retarded. But I am still suffering from gas inhalation, so that is my excuse.
    I don’t like Josh Homme because he stole Brody Dalle (of the Distillers) from Tim Armstrong (of Rancid).
    I told you it was stupid.


  8. Sorry Anners! haha.. Is just that as JADED drugs are huge turn-off for me. I know everybody uses them, but still.. I´m such a nerd…

    I seriously think he was super pretentious and that a lot of his writing was done in the middle of drugs or trying to show off so it doesnt say anything to me… The thing is my friend who considered him her boyfriend didnt know english that well so I helped her by translating songs and 2 biographies and after that, I just couldnt convince myself about The doors being that good. I like a couple of songs but just dont feel the music…

    And he was smelly, wasnt he? haha… Hope we still can be friends!! :-p

    Oh, but that´s a nice poem! I will conced that :-D


  9. tiffers euphonious

    i’m with zu and jaded – guacala to jim for me. but he is a loverly writer. i am also with miss world on jeff buckley! and kurt cobain, not so much. anyone who has ever shagged the love beast scares me sessually.


  10. @ Miss World – Aw, thanks!
    @Ali -ers I get your point.
    However, I read an interview with Brody Dalle in The Face when she had just started seeing Josh and she was describing all kinds of long term controlling bastardry on Tim Armstrong’s part.
    Brody came across as a really decent woman in the interview, plus I think the amount of flak she and Josh came in for was just retarded and excessive.
    When Kelly Osbourne and Good Charlotte are bitching about your choice of partner, then something is very wrong!


  11. Ali-ers

    Malanthers – I wish I read that article! I like Brody, she seems like good peeps. My crush on Tim blinds me to his domineering ways. I think if I shagged him I’d get over it.


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