so what did my gg slags think?

chuck bass-tard (but we love him anyway!)

spoiler alert! if you haven’t been watching or want to keep what happened on monday a secret to yourself then do not read any further!!!!!

i for one was a little disappointed with the season opener. i would have thought the dialogue could have been a little more sassy and cutting and for the love of all things holy did serena and dan seriously need to get back together already? and who the eph cares about tinsley mortimer? seriously? when is my gay korsy going to be on?

i loved how nate is getting it on with the soon to be discovered duchess. it kind of justifies my crushes on the boys, i think ;)

and blair had better keep making chuck BEG! the boring brit will be gone in no time, i bet! oh and did anyone else notice how blair and chuck always seemed to be color coordinated? or am i just weird?

alrighty, fill me in on your thoughts. xoxo!!!! :D


14 thoughts on “so what did my gg slags think?

  1. Kellers Pontificus Erroneous

    More Chuck in season 2!! He’s by far the best character, but he usually only gets 37.5 seconds of screen time or less – wtf?

    I love the new Nate and cougar storyline. Anners I also want to see Blair make Chuck crawl on broken glass! And I hope they put Dan and Serena on the back burner this season so I can give the fast forward button a rest.


  2. I was happy to find out that Nate is into Cougars. (wonder if that applies in real life too?) THose scenes were super hot! What was NOT hot was when he & Serena kissed to make the cougar jealy. Did anyone else notice how she kept bobbing her head up & down? It was repulsive & I think I threw up in my mouth a little. Learn how to kiss, bich!

    Dan as a manwhore. HA! Whatthefuckever!

    Chuck Bass FTW!


  3. Ugg

    his accent sucked!!!!!!!! blair and chuck are so damn cuuuute, TEAM CHUCK.
    UGHHHHHHHH, DAN IS BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. WHAT A BITCH!!!!!! HE THINKS HES BETTER THAN ANYBODY, HES NOOOOOOOT. i read that the bookversion-dan is much better, hes like this emo poet weirdo who smokes in his window all day or something. hahaha. has anybody read the books??? i was happy with the season premiere!


  4. tiffers euphonious

    kellers – i love the cougar storyline, too! :) and i agree with everything else you said!

    stupid spam morgan! sorry :( and yes, it was way re-re the way she was kissing nate. and the cougar scenes were hotness! does she kiss dan that way, too? it certainly was worthy of some controlled vomiting. and i love that dan was trying to act all gigolo-y. bitch please!

    ugg – the lord it totes dumb. and team chuck is right!!! maybe i will check out the books – i’ve heard they are a lot different and even better in some cases?

    panders – woot! :)

    miss world – you so have to so you can gossip with us about it!!! or just download it on the internets!!! :)


  5. Ugg

    YES she does it with dan too, the bopping. it’s gross!!!!!!!!


  6. tiffers euphonious

    ugg – i have a really hard time stomaching reality tv stars so no. and since they portray life in so cal as really re-re i can’t deal. sorry! do you like it?


  7. Ali-ers

    :( I’m missing out on the party because I’ve never seen dis show. boo.

    And a cougar story line?! Hells yes!!!!! I am 32, just getting into my cougar stage ;)


  8. Kellers Pontificus Erroneous

    Let’s just admit – IT’S ALL ABOUT CHUCK!! :) :) Other than hawt Nate and the cougar, the other characters should get in the background asap.

    Aliers, Miss World, just go to, bb’s. From what I hear from others, it’s a great site for watching everything. Join the party, gurrls!


  9. tiffers euphonious

    ali-ers and miss world – listen to the wise kellers!

    glamma puss – shamephuck – hilarious! :)

    kellers – it certainly is ALL about the mother chucker!


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