wild boys!

duran duran are still one of my favorite bands. and it’s very likely that i will have crushes on simon, nick and john until the day i die. so when i read that andy taylor was releasing a autobiography on how life was during the dd heyday i got so excited! the daily mail has published 2 excerpts from the book (called wild boy: my life in duran duran). you can read part one of the article here and part two can be read here. i will more than likely pre-order this lascivious recounting of the coke snorting, woman whoring of years past! for uk slags the book comes out tomorrow! for those of us stateside we have to wait til next tuesday. totally awesome!


8 thoughts on “wild boys!

  1. tina

    You know as soon as I saw your title that song started running thought my head…oh Duran Duran those were the days. I was able to go to live Aid back in 85(?) I was all of 14 yrs old but let me tell you I fought my way up to teh stage so I could see my men in person. Alas, 20 yrs later I made the mistake of gettign with in feet of them at the Borgata Casino and lets just say I wish I coudl have just kept my girlhood images of them! lol They havent aged that well!


  2. tiffers euphonious

    tina – sweet! i would have killed to be there! i didn’t get to actually see them until they reunited and i still acted like a re-re 14 year old. it was fabu!

    ali-ers – that is a brill song. i think my fave is planet earth :)

    morgan – i know. them and a-ha were my first crushes fo sho!


  3. An Exquisite Corpse

    Longtime lurker who hasn’t gotten around to posting until now… But I do lurve your site and it’s 102% more fun to read than most of the other gossipy lairs out there.

    Anyhoo, part three is also up (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1051551/We-nearly-killed-fame-How-Duran-Durans-crazed-excesses-finally-caught-guitarist-Andy-Taylor.html). And Amazon sold and shipped the book early, so I’ve had it a while now. If you order from Amazon, you can get it for $16 as well.

    I adore British bands and early Duran is one of my faves, so I had to read this. Sadly, it’s not as trashtastic as I had expected. I think he deffo held back on details to spare his family and maybe whatever friendship he has left with the other band members. I’ve heard far worse than what he wrote. The most fun thing is the durantards are shocked, just shocked, to read that anyone in the band took drugs. Heh.

    I was too young to see them in the 80s, but saw them plenty during the reunion show and met them a few times. Simon is a bit rough but with hawt charisma. John looks like Keith Richards on a bad day (those sharp bones make him super-photogenic but skeletor-ish in person. eek!). Nick is sweet and chatty.

    That’s enough of a book, I suppose. Thanks for keeping up the kateblogger goodness!


  4. Ali-ers

    OOOOoooh – Exquisite Corpser – you got to meet them!?!! You are a goddess (or god?) How fab! Simon was my fave. I can’t lie. I knew he’d ‘ave charisma even after all the feckin’ years!
    Cheers ;)


  5. tiffers euphonious

    exquisite – thx for the review on the book and that link to the 3rd part was great, too! it’s totally fab you got to meet them. john is a little skeletor-esque these days for sure. i would have loved to have met nick – too cute! and thank you :)


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