Keirers wore this to the premiere of her new film, The Duchess.  It’s about that methface from the Black Eyed Peas, Fergie.  Kidding, wenches!  It’s about an actual duchess.  Keirers looks evil and scurvalicious.   Her hairs looks pretty from the back, but she may have chosen the wrong shoes. 



11 thoughts on “Scurvy

  1. Hate the shoes, not sure about the dress, hair looks good, but the handbag needs to smile a little (at least he took the trouble to dress up though).

    At first glance the dude in the baseball cap looks like a younger and skinnier Bob Hoskins. And why is he pointing to the poster of Keira’s phace? Or is that somebody elses arm and hand?


  2. Perhaps he asked her to autograph her lips on the poster and she misheard him and tried to autograph his lips? Keira Hobby Horse Knightley is a long name to sign on a set of lips though.


  3. Ugg

    hahaha third pic. shes so skinny it actually looks like her body is missing a front. did that make sense? idk hahhaa. she looks sooo weirrrrd in the faceeeeeeee. like corpse bride


  4. Ali-ers

    I’d like the dress if it didn’t have that guazy black stuff on it. Especially on the top of it. I think it’s just there to keep food from falling into the front of her dress.

    I actually like her shoes, the’re retro 30’s-40’s looking. The patent leather is a bit off on them.

    But what the hell do I know?!


  5. jane121

    She could still use a sandwich. I usually like the skinny look but for some reason not on her. She still looks nice tho – I think the dress is cool.


  6. caniad

    I’d love the dress without the tulle. I hate tulle. I wore enough of it when I danced, and it itches like crazy on those tutus, and in the most inconvenient places. Keira looks like she’ll be scratching her clavicle all night.

    Other than that, I think she looks beautiful. A little pinched, but beautiful.


  7. Ali-ers

    caniad – tulle! That’s what it is called, thank you. Here I am thinking it was called gauzey stuff ;)

    jaded – hahhaha – I get the same way over my peeps “in-the-magic-world-inside-my-head”! hee


  8. tiffers euphonious

    i’m so not a fan of hers but i think she looks super cute in the first pic. her dress is kinda re-re, though.


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