Shag or Gag?

Poor Jeff Buckley.  It’s probably lame to say this, but at least he went out in a romantic kind of way.

I’m very sad now.   I was sad then, too.  He was the tragic hotness, though.   Stellar vocal chords.



12 thoughts on “Shag or Gag?

  1. Thanks for this one Anners!
    Shag, even tho’ he was teeny weeny and I’m five nine. Tragic hotness for reals.
    He had a dalliance with Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins.
    Can you imagine their voices together on record? Wow.
    Mr Malanthers saw him play a tiny gig in London before he even had a record deal.
    The evening ended up with a group of about 10 people watching Jeff play in the basement of a bar until 5am. Even that early on,it was obvious he was a total star and destined for greatness.


  2. I know, huh, Wanda? Maybe we should stop the shag/gag business and just say he was purty and talented and it’s sad that he’s gone or something.

    Malanthers: You’re so welcome! That is cool beans that MM got to see JB early on. I never did see him perform live.


  3. 1. Replace Janes Addiction with Led Zeppelin
    2. Joders; It looks poor, very, very poor
    3. Shag, I could’ve turned gay for him, in a nice way I’m not too sure…

    extra special bonus 4th. Malanthers; No need to imagine it, seek out All Flowers In Time, the studio version


  4. Love him. He was beautiful and his music is divine. I think the fact that he made such beautiful music makes him even more attractive to me. Shag. Although it does feel a bit sacrilegious and creepy to say that.

    Ali, you really need to give Jeff a listen.

    Malanthers MM was so lucky to have seen him, I would have loved to have seen Jeff live, I just have to make do with my live CDs though.


  5. hazey jane

    I’m an obsessive fan of Jeff Buckley since… 2000. And yes, I would shag him. I would marry him. He’s my ideal male. It’s the biggest shame he’s not here with us anymore.


  6. Bucklberry, thanks for the tip on All Flowers in Time, I’ve never heard that song before and its beautiful. Beautiful doesn’t do it justice actually. Their voices together are sublime.


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