re-republican conventioneers discuss the right to choose

while i am so not the biggest fan of political stuff every once in a while someone does something so awesome that i can’t let it go without making a big deal about it.

hence, my all consuming love for the daily show. if you are not familiar please click here to find out more about it. one of my favorite correspondents is samantha bee and she is so ephing badass. i heart her so much. i am very much of the opinion that i don’t want old phuckwads men who have no idea what it’s like to be a woman telling me what i can and can’t do with my body. anyway, the segment below that samantha put together is hilarious and i think proves a couple fantastic points. and the conventioneers even helped bring it home ;) enjoy!



16 thoughts on “re-republican conventioneers discuss the right to choose

  1. Wow the people on those videos are about as scared to say “choice” as they are to say “feminist.” Spose they must both be considered dirty words these days :-( what a stupid world we live in.


  2. caniad

    I have to agree with Janers, and I wish the word choice wouldn’t be thrown around like it has been, because it’s just confusing. (I should point out that I don’t support abortion, but I’m a little frustrated by the way that the Right has jumped onto the use of the word “choice.” It makes conservatives sound inconsistent and only muddles up their position on abortion.)


  3. Miss World

    So Palin is qualified to be VP because she is beautiful and she hunts and fishes? Wow, did I have my priorities in a leader wrong.

    I agree with Janers, I don’t think Bristol had a choice.


  4. jaded4good

    Here’s another saying “well said Janers”. I do wish she would have made another choice earlier, like saying no to the guy. Or at least use a condom. Having a child at that age while being watched by so many peeps is not much fun.


  5. jane121

    Yay peeps are agreeing wif me – this almost never happens.

    What I don’t understand about the conservatives is that they are against abortion and are also against teaching kids about contraception. Do they believe teenagers who have no money or job skills should be raising dozens of kids in the gutter or something?


  6. jaded4good

    No, they believe teenagers should say absolutely no to sex until they are no longer teenagers, have a house and three jobs. That is, they want teens to act more mature than they do. Which is a clear sign of them being stark raving mad.


  7. Ali-ers

    I agree Cartzo – I was at school and I mentioned how the words “feminist” and “liberal” (and apparently “choice” now) have been demonized. Of course no one agreed with me. They can all suck eggs.


  8. jane121

    Teenagers are going to have sex – always have and always will. Tis a fact of life.

    I hate that people think feminist means man hating & butch. Feminism means believing in equality between the sexes. People should be ashamed to not call themselves feminists.


  9. An Exquisite Corpse

    Jon Stewart asked Newt Gingrich about the same thing. It’s great fun to watch Gingrich squirm (ewww… erm, y’all know what I mean):

    If you don’t have time to watch the entire bit, slide to 4:06-ish and go from there.

    “Sarah Palin is on record as saying she would veto abortions for women even in the event of being raped. So, what she is in essance saying is, ‘Respect my family’s ability to make this decision, and elect me so that I can keep your family from having the same opportunity.'”

    Have you done a shag-or-gag on Jon Stewart? The man deserves a shag for smartness.


  10. Kellers Pontificus Erroneous

    Bill Maher was totes hilarious as usual on this issue.

    The Re-Repub convention scared me. The crowd was all old people and to put it mildly, that was the least diverse crowd I’ve ever seen. It didn’t represent America, at least not to me. The fact that no one could string a sentence together for Ms. Bee was not a surprise.

    I’m not convinced Palin had that baby. I think there is a good chance this is little Bristol’s second pregnancy. Before the “birth,” apparently Palin’s water broke, but she still gave a speech, flew 10 hours to Alaska, etc. Plus they took Bristol out of school for 5 months. Something unusual was going on there.


  11. tiffers euphonious

    i grew up in one of the most red states possible and in our high school there was a day care center so we could 1. learn how to be good mommies to the 7 children we were supposed to have and 2. provide a place for the many teen moms to leave their children while they went to school. i so couldn’t understand how sex ed was not an option but allowing a day care center on site sent the correct message? it always made me so mad!

    janers – you are so right – of course palin’s daughter didn’t have a choice. but that kind of just reinforces the point.

    miss world – clearly, we all need to re-evaluate the qualities we look for in leaders! ;)

    jaded – you make an excellent point that she should have made a smarter choice earlier on. another thing that drives me crazy is that bill o’reilly was ripping the spears parents apart last year when jaimie lynn got preggers and was blaming her pregnancy on her “pinhead” parents but when it comes to palin it’s a personal matter and they need to be left alone? whatevs!!! maybe if her mom had talked to her about sex or at least been realistic about the fact that her teenage daughter was more than likely having sex there could have potentially been a different outcome!

    cartzho, ali-ers and jane – i love your comments about feminism. so true.

    exquisite – that clip was great! thanks for sharing. and shag or gag on the fabu mr. stewart is coming right up!

    kellers – there certainly doesn’t seem to be much diversity in that crowd. and i like your theory about palin. hmmmmmmmm….. very interesting! :)


  12. jane121

    It’s just a bit silly when she said “She’s able to make the choice that she doesn’t want other people to have”.

    She didn’t have a choice and she doesn’t want other people to have one either.


  13. tiffers euphonious

    it’s not that silly since the choice was just delegated to her mother and i felt the line was actually directed more towards sarah vs. bristol anyway. but the way you said it sounds good, too :)


  14. tiffers euphonious

    i think if she would have done that someone would have gone to the media and said something. being a part of the palin family makes her a public figure (esp in alaska) so she would absolutely have that hanging over her head. also, i’m not sure if this applies in AK but i think you have to be of legal age to get an abortion without parental consent. so yes, she didn’t have a choice – but i think her mom just came in and decided what they would do for her. it’s not that uncommon for the parents to take that kind of decision making/responsibility on in these situations especially when the child is underage.


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