Uh-Huh Her…

Bozzers is getting downright bold!  The second sighting in about as many days… she’s also flashing her back bones to the world, practically daring the skinny website to erect an ossuary for her.  That ephing website is the anti-christ, by the way!  I mean seriously?!  Instructing people (such as Mischa Barton) to chop off their legs because they’re less than perfect (whatever that means) is sligtly draconian.    

In defense of Bozzers, she is a tiny little elfin creature.  Always sort of was, no matter how many extra ounces she had on her person. So for the love of almighty ZEUS, please stop saying “Oh, she was so fit and perfect in Blue Crush!  What ever has she done with herself?”

Bytch bulked up for Blue Crush and reverted back to her ‘myslef-the-elf’ sprite body.  Who bloody cares?!  Leave Bozzers alone! 



15 thoughts on “Uh-Huh Her…

  1. jane121

    I didn’t think Blue Crush was a great movie but I was so envious of her character’s figure and lifestyle. Must be so fun living in Hawai with your best friends and surfing all day.


  2. Ali-ers

    I thought that movie was pretty good actually. But I have very low standards when it comes to my entertainments: I watched Elizabethtown more than once!!!


  3. jane121

    It’s odd – I didn’t like it when I saw it the first time (the relationship seemed doomed) but I also watched it when it came on tv and then I thought it was good (coz their lifestyle seemed so fun).

    Elizabethtown was so very very bad.


  4. tiffers euphonious

    i can’t figure out if i hate that outfit or like it. it’s a little fringe-y for me and that reminds me of the mormon re-re from project runway so maybe not.

    they filmed a portion of elizabethtown at my old place of employment – the art gallery or maybe a museum scene? i still can’t bring myself to watch it!

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  5. jaded4good

    I have bought Elizabethtown on DVD.
    *ducks behind sofa and shouts from there* My hubby loves that movie!

    Boz and Whorely both looked their best when they got buffed up for a movie. Boz for Blue Crush and OB for KoH. Put those two images next to each other in your head and it will burn your brain. That is too much beaut to bare.

    There was an art gallery scene in Etown?

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  6. jane121

    Really?! I thought it was completely bizzarre – it was like the writer had no understanding of grief or suicide. Having Kiki Dunst play a complete fruitcake didn’t help either.


  7. jaded4good

    My hubby thought that the movie being a complete mess of a lovestory, a roadtrip and a family abusing you left and right is a very good mirror of life, which is, in his opinion, a several decades long mess of love, personal growth and elderly relatives embarrassing you.


  8. tiffers euphonious

    jaded – i haven’t seen elizabethtown so maybe they cut that part? they painted this long hall downstairs brown and hung a bunch of art all over it. and then in another hallway there was a really long weird cut up photo of runners and the opposite wall was glass? someone who worked down there said they heard it was a museum or art gallery scene. ugh. maybe now i will rent it to see it against all better judgement! :(


  9. SadieJo

    I like etown, own the dvd but never watch the movie straight thru. I turn it off when it gets to Susan S. tap dancing. It’s like it’s two separate movies. The first part of the movie is good, they could have made a movie just about Drew and his shoes and his wierd extended family. The only other part I liked are the hotel scenes and with Chuck/Cindy. Heard they filmed scenes where the fire sprinklers also went off in the ballroom ruining Chuck and Cindy’s wedding ceremony. Wished they’d gone with that instead of the re re tap dancing. The last 3rd of the movie is just too awful for me, in spite of the musical history lesson.


  10. jaded4good

    SadieJo, agreed. I too wished he would have spent time with the weird family members. As for Claire, I wished someone would beat her to death the second time she shouted “60B”.


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