radiohead at the santa barbara bowl

one of my favorite things about npr is their online music section. they always have great live shows, interviews, sessions, etc with completely diverse artists. tomorrow, the aug 28th show radiohead did in santa barbara will be available to listen to on demand. click here to check it out.

also, back in february of this year, thom yorke played dj on all songs considered. if you would like to find out more about that (or listen to his playlist) click here.

stella and i got to see them play the night before santa barbara in chula vista and it was an amazing show. click more for two of my faves: you and whose army? (jonny messed up and it was totes funny) and talk show host. stella, you rule! :)


2 thoughts on “radiohead at the santa barbara bowl

  1. stella

    i regretfully inform u tiffers that i am back in sd and nyc was a blast! i am soo sorry i didnt get a chance to kick it with you. my trip was filled with meeting boys, boys and more boys.. hehehe
    but yeah, it was all a blur and i was happy in the haze of the drunken hour! hahaha
    my bad for being a ninny and not calling :(


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