shag or gag?

settle down! it’s jon stewart – the most wickedly smart and hilarious boy evs! shag him or gag him? i am all for this hot piece! :)

well hello there…

my favorite dream team

cutie patootie

the best interviewer ever!


14 thoughts on “shag or gag?

  1. tiffers euphonious

    anners – baking cookies? hahahahahah

    daners – i am so right there with you!

    wanda – he’s totes short. like 5’6″. he would barely come up to my chin. but i’d do it anyway! ;) hairy – we could send him to the waxer!


  2. Ali-ers

    SHAG!!!! And shag again!
    He could tell me dirty jokes about the re-republicans (ha! Tiffers) and then we’d laugh and shag somemore :P


  3. tiffers euphonious

    d solrac – you absolutely would!

    ali-ers- he could tell you dirty re-republican jokes. hahahahah :)

    jaded – put the link up for that pic, i think it’s the same one i’m thinking of and it is great! i just figured i would go for the real thing ;)

    exquisite – love the afterward convo

    kellers – yay! i love that all the slags love him!


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