holy shiznit! fringe rules!!!

did anyone catch fringe tonight? it’s the new jj abrams show. it’s like they mashed together two of my faves (alias and x-files) and this gem was created. hopefully it will stay as kick ass as the premiere was tonight!

i thought joshua jackson was pretty great and the blonde girl (anna torv) was interesting as well. and the turn at the end of the show was fantastic!

here is the preview trailer for the show. if you missed the premiere it will be repeating on sunday. if you want to know more about the show click here. enjoy!


12 thoughts on “holy shiznit! fringe rules!!!

  1. tina

    I watched!! I relaly liked it!! I was a big x-files fan and it defintely had that feel. And Joshua Jackson is not Pacey anymore!! He has grown up and is totally shaggable here!


  2. Ugg

    i used to be so in love with him during dawson creek, but JAMES VAN DER BEEK prob made him hotter than he was because dawson was so gross and stupid.
    i love him


  3. tiffers euphonious

    morgan – thank you, i couldn’t for the life of me remember what his name was!

    tina – yay! and i agree – he is totes shaggable. hotness!

    d. solrac – in case you didn’t get it joshua jackson’s character on dawson’s creek was named pacey :)

    ugg – he is! i didn’t actually watch dc and i always thought james vdb was fug, too!


  4. SadieJo

    I watched it Sunday night and I’m hooked. Strange show, really strange and that’s what I liked about it. John Noble is still able to pull off all kinds of crazy and make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Brilliantly loonie. He’s almost too good for network tv. Hope they can keep it up.


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